Adding Texture to Home Using Faux Brick Panels

Many of the urban residential properties are using the look of exposed brick as one of the signature design elements. First, it was being used in commercial buildings, especially restaurants. Then homeowners started to think about adopting this design element to decorate their homes’ interiors and exteriors. Another reason for this adoption is the increasing people’s interest in old-fashioned renovations. And the mix blend of both modern and vintage features really makes homes to show real character.

Having that said, it is worth mentioning the new technologies being used to help in the renovation of homes and commercial buildings. Faux brick paneling is one of the best options to go for in this regard. The best about faux brick panels is that they come in different designs and styles to meet different renovation requirements. Now, installing real bricks on the walls can be a real challenge for both homeowners and the labors because this option can lead to extra expenditures. On the other hand, faux brick panels are polyurethane panels which need to be attached with the walls using nails and adhesives. That’s it; your brick wall is ready to give a show.

Good news here is that faux brick panels are texturized so realistically that they don’t let anyone feel about their ‘faux’ nature. Since these panels are quite flexible and lightweight, installing them doesn’t need extensive labor work. As a matter of fact, you can install these panels without any help.

Accent design element

With this ease in installation and plenty of options available, you can make the part of wall with faux brick panels the main point of interest in design. You can make an accent wall by using these panels. However, it is ideal not to cover entire wall with these panels if you are concerned just about the design. However, you can apply these panels in the big portion of the wall by making sure that is lies in the center of the wall from the perspective of vertical and horizontal measurements. You can also make your fireplace the classic feature with the help of faux brick panels.

Another ideal way to make your entire home look impressive is to use faux brick panels outside in order improve the curb appeal. Places like lawn, outdoor kitchen, patio or porch have a lot of areas which allow installation of panels. You can surely use these panels to make your home talk in the language of design and style.

Enhancing the looks of faux brick panels

While the texture and color of faux brick panels are the features you wouldn’t need to modify in most of the cases, there can be instances when you would normally want to paint a brick wall. In that cause, a light coat of paint on these panels gives prominence to the brick textures. This is what you can use in order to create a design enhancement.