1939-41 Tokheim Station Lighter

1939-41 Tokhiem Station Lighter

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0 Miles (It's not a car, so don't try to drive it)

Among our projects is this super cool/super rare gas tank. This station lighter was only made 3 years. We had someone visit our shop who had been restoring gas pumps for 35 years, and this was the first one he had ever seen. You can see in the pics that it has the light post that goes on top. We are very excited to work on this tank and restore it, so we aren't super interested in selling it at this point. That having been said, money talks. The further along we get on this project the more it will cost to convince us to sell it. Currently we have it stripped down and have started sand blasting a few pieces. Check the pics we post as we go along.

Fatt Larry helping his grandson sandblast some smaller pieces