Rock Creek Velo is a junior cycling team for kids ages 9 and up. Based in Washington, DC and the surrounding region, we train year-round and compete in road racing, criteriums, time trials, and cyclocross. Our goal is to be part of a junior’s total development, supporting families and friendships, succeeding in school, and being part of a team. We stress safety and consistency to promote fitness as a life-long goal.

Baltimore Youth Cycling, Inc. is a volunteer run, non-profit organization formed in 2015 dedicated to developing junior cyclists into confident young athletes. Our coaches and volunteers work with cyclists ages 8-18, in structured cyclocross and road practice settings. We coach them to ride safely and skillfully as athletes committed to their sport, their teammates, and their community. BYC racers compete locally, regionally, and nationally in organized cyclocross and road events.

Getting it in Cyclists

Getting It In (GII) Cyclists started off with 3 zealous cycling enthusiast riding together for exercise, fun and the love of the sport. On May 3, 2013, GII began posting rides on MeetUp.com. Today we have over 4,000 cyclists on MeetUp and it continues to grow daily!