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Fastmail is a professional email service provider company based in Melbourne, Australia. The company also provides fastmail branded services like it operates Topicbox, a mailing list service, and a pop box.

The company is obtaining by opera software in 2010 and then it became independent in 2013. Fastmail offers 113 domains.

If you face any issue while password recovery/reset password or change password you can follow the steps given below.

Fastmail reset/recover/ or change password is necessary in case if users want to change present password or want to create different and a strong secure password for their account.

Fastmail password reset:

  • Visit the password reset page first.

  • On the top left corner menu click on the “settings” followed by the “password and security” and this will open password reset window.

  • Now type in current password and click on the green “unlock” button.

  • Enter your new password and re-type new password again.

  • Click on “change password” to proceed.

  • Finally the password has changed.

Fastmail password recovery:

    • Visit Fastmail password recovery page.

    • After the password recovery page appears and then enter your alternate email id.

    • Password recovery link will be sent to the alternate email id and open password recovery link.

    • Now type in your new password and re-type password to confirm it.

    • Users can now login to their account with the new created password.

How to setup fastmail?

Fastmail servers IMAP, POP and SMTP are standards which allow you to connect your fastmail account to a third party email client of your choice.


Sometimes, IMAP is the best option to connect to your email client to read emails, IMAP is the updated version than the POP, and it is most widely used option.

If you connect your account with IMAP, you can download messages from any folder on your fastmail account. IMAP is a best way if you use rules to organize your mail.

IMAP manages your account, because it provides two-way sync between client and the server, if any changes you make on client of your choice will be seen in the fastmail web interface. Likewise, changes you make on the fastmail web interface, like moving your messages to a different folder, will show up on your mail client as well.


POP is an older version than IMAP, and as it has been mostly replaced by IMAP, it may still be a good option for some people.

POP can only download mail from the inbox only; this means that if you use folders for organizing your mail, you will need to do this manually on your device instead of using Rules to do this automatically.

POP can only download messages and does not sync from your client to the server, means that any changes made on the email client like moving messages from one folder to other will not be seen on the web interface or anywhere else you use your email. POP is a good option for people those who like to keep an offline backup of their inbox.


SMTP is used by email clients for message submission to let you send emails via Fastmail servers to the receivers. SMTP will need to be set up along either IMAP or POP so that you can send messages on your client as well as receive them.

IMAP, POP and SMTP servers.

Names and ports of fastmail servers are:


(Port): 993


(Port): 995


(Port): 465

(SSL): 587