Our Story


The Filipino-American of Southern Ohio (FASO) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to serving the Cincinnati and Tri-State Are (Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana). We strive to develop lasting relationships among members and with other Filipino-American organizations. We believe in strengthening the bonds of all Filipino-Americans and stand united as one body. As one body, we commit to giving back to our homeland, the Philippines, and to the communities we live in which we now call home, the USA.

FASO has promoted and fostered Filipino-American relationships and partnerships within and across communities through its various activities, outreach and educational programs. FASO has also been involved in the Cincinnati international folk festivals and local cultural activities (e.g. Tagalog language and Filipino folk dancing classes) for the youth and adults. Our community outreach services include hosting Philippine Consular visits to provide consular services for the Tri-State Filipinos. The “Damayan” (working together) Fund of FASO helps Filipinos from the Tri-State areas that are in financial and social distress. FASO has also collected and provided relief funds for the Philippines typhoon victims among others. At our annual Christmas party FASO encourages canned goods and non-perishable items donations to our area’s indigent families. Another cultural activity is the traditional “Parol Making” and “Simbang Gabi”.

FASO’s focus is “to give back” to the community where we live, where we work, where our Filipino-American families are in the TriState, and to our “kababayan” in our other home, the Philippines.

In 2013, FASO spearheaded relief efforts in the Cincinnati area for victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Funds collected will be used to construct a primary school building in a devastated community in the eastern Visayan islands of the Philippines.

FASO’s active Filipino American Cultural and Performing Arts (FACPA) and Dancing Kimonas promote the rich heritage of the Philippines through songs and dances. The Youth Group has been showcasing regional folk dances in various local schools. The Dancing Kimonas have been spreading goodwill in nursing homes and in different diversity programs in the community.

FASO’s Education committee’s monthly seminars have presented various topics including “Medicare”, “Living with Lewy Body Dementia”, “Parenting in America” and “Maintaining Optimal Health through the Life Span”. FASO has also sponsored a Health Screening Day for the community.