Art Tour


Art Tour Tórshavn

You will get an unforgettable “wow" experience of the unique Faroese Art
- 1/3 of all statues in Tórshavn
- Most galleries will be shown
- Many amazing stories

The walking tour is in English and Scandinavian and takes 1.5 hours and is approx. 1900 meters.

The cost is DKK 245, - includes a local officially educated guide.

For private tours and groups up to 10 persons, the price is DKK 1.500,- and DKK 100 for every additional person.

The tour starts at Visit Tórshavn in Steinatún on Saturday 15:00hrs. and ends also at Visit Tórshavn at 16:30hrs.

Guide: Mikkjal N J Olsen, born 1974
- Guide at National Art Gallery since 2019.
- Official Faroese Tourist Guide June 2020
- Master Marriner with 17 years experience in the British Merchant Navy

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Phone or send text message to +298 750500