What is True Beauty?

90% of girls believe the lie told them through movies, television, magazines, shopping malls, advertisements, and social media.

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I Am Beautiful Bracelet - Info Sheet 5.3.18

Graciously sponsored by the parents of Kendall Daigle in her honor and her prose:

Lord, Let my spirit be a light house in dark hurricanes. Not fearing to illuminate.

I took photographs of every billboard and sign I came across that had "happy" or "happiness" in it, engaged by the idea that we're told we can buy inner peace.




  • Arolyn Burns LPCC, LMFT.

Call for a free 15 minute phone consultation with Arolyn. 626-304-4690. www.TheATreatment.com. Yelp Reviews.


Greg and Erin Smalley

Psychologists, authors and speakers for Focus on the Family.

Note: Erin & Greg contributed pearls of wisdom to our script "The Farmer and The Belle: Saving Santaland" and True Beauty Bracelet by revealing the lies about beauty written on Belle's heart. They provided psychological pathways to healing the heart based on biblical principals.

Lisa Burkhardt Worley

Greeting Cards

Jean Marie Prince with "Inspired Blessings" writes greeting cards with soul about love, beauty and hope. Purchase selections.

Psychological contributions by:

Erin Smalley, Focus on the Family

Greg Smalley, Focus on the Family

Arolyn Burns, The A Treatment Center

David A Burris, CACII, CCS, Freedom Counseling

Lisa Burkhardt Worley, Pearls of Promise Ministries

Dr.Renée Bazley, Clinical Psychologist

Pastoral contributions by:

Youth Leaders: Michael Gold, Diane Hall, Malinda Rodger, Covenant United Methodist Church of Bath, PA.

Jennie Chandler and Carrie Chandler, Camp New Dawn.

Jonathan Graham, Mastermedia Intl.

Research & Development preparation by:

Jenn Gotzon Chandler, Christine Mott and Sarah Mott.

Bracelet Design created by:

Jenn Gotzon Chandler, Matthew English, Linda Funk, Mary Elizabeth Medawar and Denise Demkowicz.