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Our Team - The Farmer and The Belle 1AUG18

MIKE FEIFER: Producer and Director (attached). Films 8-10 MOW a year for MarVista who sells to ABC Family, Hallmark, ION and Lifetime. Known as the goto guy for Lifetime (2018).

JOEL W. BUNKOWSKE, ESQ., JD, MBA: Producer and Attorney. Over 30 years experience in the the film, music and television industries with financing, distribution, consulting, producing, executive producing, directing and contracts for hundreds of projects. Received Grammy and Dove Award wins for his work with Christian recording artists.

JENN GOTZON CHANDLER: Story Creator, Development and Producer. Award-winning actress known in the Faithbased market. Two Oscar Nominated films Frost/Nixon and Alone Yet Not Alone. Over 15 years of experience in producing, product market management and public relations.

JIM E. CHANDLER: Story Creator and Onsite Producer. Award winning actor recurring on BET, AMC and ID Channel. Romantic lead opposite his wife Jenn in over 10 movies, commercials, stage and print including Lionsgate’s Saving Faith. Owner of pig farm and crewed several feature films.

ISAAC HERNANDEZ: Executive Producer. A 40-year industry veteran, including 25-years as an executive with TBN. Currently, the Vice-President of Programming and Syndication for Parables TV and Upliftv.

DICK ROLFE: Media Consultant. Veteran of the media and entertainment industry for over 25 years, founder and former CEO of The Dove Foundation. Rolfe Consulting is uniting his thousands of media contacts with his extensive experience in film, television, publishing, and digital media to aid professionals in taking their businesses to the next level and assisting with financial partnerships in production and distribution.

BILLY FALCON: Screenwriter and Song Writer. Over 130 million records sold working with artists Faith Hill, Stevie Nicks, Cher, Manfred Mann, Sherrie Austin, Meat Loaf, Trace Adkins, and 17 years as co-songwriter with Jon Bon Jovi.

GREG & ERIN SMALLEY: Psychologists, Contributing Writers. “Focus on the Family” psychologists and authors. Crafted the pathway to discover true beauty based on Christian and psychological principals.

RIBBOW MEDIA GROUP: Digital Marketing. Brand development reaching millions of targeted consumers tracking sales analytics through social media. RMG recently broke records with sales for I Can Only Imagine charting targeted analytics to consumer through social media interaction and tracking.

JOE BATTAGLIA: Broadcast Marketing and Consultant. President, Renaissance Communications. Clients: Affirm Films/Sony Pictures Entertainment, Provident Films, Pure Flix Entertainment. 16 year veteran of promoting films to the faith community, including The Passion, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Heaven is For Real, Miracles from Heaven, God’s Not Dead, War Room, I Can Only Imagine.

MICHELLE COX: Devotional Book Writer. Co-writer alongside Brian Bird for three devotional books based on Hallmark’s Original hit series When Calls the Heart.

MIKE NAWROCKI: Children’s Storybook Writer. Co-creator and founder of VeggieTales which is the highest grossing Christian video series for children.

“Jim and Jenn Gotzon Chandler’s script was one of the best analyzed according to Movieguide’s exhaustive Report to the Entertainment Industry 150 criteria. It’s like a Christianized version of Sweet Home Alabama with elements of Home on the Range”

-Dr. Ted Baehr, Movieguide

REUBEN EVANS: Screenwriter & Creative Development. Executive Producer at Faithlife TV/Faithlife Films. Supervises development and production of Faithlife Originals at Faithlife TV.

JAMES M. DE VINCE: Screenwriter. Movieguide Kairos Prize Winner.

NATE CORNELL: Composer and Theme Song. Grammy Award-winning Christian film and pop music composer.

BROTHER ZHEN: High Fashion Make-Up Artist. Celebrity makeup artist in China. On billboards across Asia. Based in Beijing.

ROUSH MEDIA: Colorist. High quality award wining boutique post-production company providing finishing services for Film & TV. Gods Not Dead, Mom’s Night Out.

ANTHONY HACKETT: Comedy Consultant and co-director for 10% footage filmed. Award-winning comedy director for top grossing Faithbased comedy Love Different (2016).

KACPER SKOWRON: Cinematographer. 80+ films, fashion and MOWs. Prolific eye for capturing beauty and light within a frame.

GEORGE ESCOBAR: Consulting Producer & Contributing Writer: Oscar-nominated Alone Yet Not Alone Producer and director. Owner of Advent Film Group mentoring the next generation for excellence.

JOHN & CHRIS LUPPO: Advisor: TBN Producer, Leader of Christian Women in Media (NYC Branch).

“There is a lot to love about this script, especially Belle and her intriguing backstory.”

-Brian Bird,

Exec. Producer & Co-Creator of the Hallmark's When Calls the Heart

Entire team listed below and on IMDb under "Real Love."


Creative Development

  • Jenn Gotzon Chandler
  • Jim E. Chandler
  • Reuben Evans

Business Development

  • First City Films, Chip Lane and Angelique Chase


  • Joel Bunkowske

Media Consultant

  • Dick Rolfe


  • Billy Falcon
  • Reuben Evans
  • Jame M. De Vince
  • Betty Sullivan

Contributing Writers

  • Amy Julian
  • Leo Partible
  • Paul De Rose
  • Erin Smalley
  • Greg Smalley
  • Chip Rossetti
  • Lisa Stillwell
  • Ginger Beggs
  • Miranda A. Uyeh
  • Howard Weeman
  • Mike Rinaldi

Story Consultants

  • Derrick Warfel
  • Alan Tregoning
  • Movieguide: How to Succeed in Hollywood without Losing your Soul.

DIRECTION (10% filmed)

  • Cristobal Krusen
  • Anthony Hackett

Marketing & Communications

  • Dick Rolfe
  • Joe Battaglia
  • Kyle Cermak
  • Ribbow Media Group
  • Lovell Fairchild
  • Brad Poel

Art & Graphics

  • Christopher Ridder
  • Alissa Nicholson


  • Christopher Ridder
  • Anthony Hackett
  • John Graham


  • Nathan Ashton

Loop Troop

  • Jim E. Chandler
  • Ray Chen
  • WenWen
  • Winnie


  • Keith Roush
  • AJ Tang


  • see IMDb "Real Love" for cast and crew

Special Thank you

  • Reuben Evans
  • Dan & Michelle Daigle
  • Lynn Sayad
  • Leah Sayad
  • Lori and Andrew
  • Joth Riggs
  • Paul Wesselink
  • Susan Silvestri
  • Susan Shearer
  • Richard Clarke Larsen
  • Net TV
  • Justin Peters & Prod Team.
  • Mike Feifer
  • Sam Irvin
  • Rich Peluso
  • Brian Bird
  • David Austin

True Beauty Bracelet

Creative Development

  • Jenn Gotzon Chandler

Communication Specialist, Research & Development preparation by:

  • Christine Mott
  • Sarah Mott
  • Carl Scarlata

Design created by:

  • Jenn Gotzon Chandler

Bracelet by:

  • Carl Scarlata with Orlando Jewelers

Charm Engravings by:

  • Linda Funk with Amelia's Expressions

Font Graphics by:

  • Robinson Creative (final)
  • Matthew English
  • Denise Demkowicz

Additional Research:

  • Mary Elizabeth Medawar

Psychological contributions by:

  • Erin Smalley, Focus on the Family
  • Greg Smalley, Focus on the Family
  • Arolyn Burns, The A Treatment Center
  • David A Burris, CACII, CCS, Freedom Counseling
  • Lisa Burkhardt Worley, Pearls of Promise Ministries
  • Dr.Renée Bazley, Clinical Psychologist
  • Matthew Corozine

Pastoral contributions by:

  • Covenant United Methodist Church of Bath, PA. Youth Leaders: Michael Gold, Diane Hall, Malinda Rodger,
  • Camp New Dawn: Jennie Chandler and Carrie Chandler,
  • Mastermedia Intl.: Jonathan Graham,

Test Market

  • College Test Groups
  • Youth Groups
  • Private Test Groups

A special thank you to Jesus, our family and all who prayed.

Children's Storybook

  • Mike Nawrocki


Fashion Designer

  • Cindy Montgomery
  1. Belle's Green Cloak
  2. Belle's Dress

Real Love Onesies

  • Sitting Pretty Equine

Social Media Street Team

Social Media Manager and Crowdfunding Executive

  • Laura Mae

Social Media Street Team

Devotional Book

  • Michelle Cox
  • Jenn Gotzon Chandler

Gratitude Game

  • Jenn Gotzon Chandler

Honorary Producers

Arolyn Burns

Doug Hartline

Lorie Jamias

Christine Luppo

Otilia Melwani

Kathy Patterson

Michael Warren

Crowdfunding Support

Hope Bean

Ginger Birkhead Beggs

Sandy Belforte

Mary Ellen Beukers

Sara Beukers

Matt Blackwell

Michael Brazil

Collis Bryant III

Emily Buckner

Arolyn Burns

Elizabeth Dorman

Mike Dyer

Sara Butera Eddy

Amy Edelman

Mark Galbraith

Marie Garton

Justin Giddings

Daniel J Graham

PaulaSu Grisham

Matt Hemsley

Elizabeth Ku

Jason Lamarche

Skip Lipman

Pete Litton

Mark Lauren Nailen

Bob McManus

Otilia Melwani

Donna Maher

Annette Mayton

Anita Miller

Wendy E Mitchell

Emma Jean Mittelberg

Tami Molitor

Barros Mona

Ronald D Montgomery

DL Moody

Donna Krutz Moore

Cindy Navarro

Joy Yonemura Oda

Stephanie Parker

Michael Patterson

Jacqui Phillips

Billy Powell

Susan J Proctor

Dorothy Reed

Diane Richardson

Lilliana Shulgach

Gayle Swayne

Melissa Temme

Rosemary Thoburn

Dave Woodruff



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