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Cinematographer Kacper Skowron films actual wedding kiss of Jim E. Chandler and Jenn (Gotzon) Chandler in family Christmas comedy movie "The Farmer and The Belle"

In a world , whose love insatiably, marches to a hedonistic beat as if a gun were at its head, Jenn Gotzon Chandler, award-winning, actress of the multiple Oscar nominated film, “Frost/Nixon”, produced by entertainment icon Ron Howard, demonstrates, as the mantra of singer Jermaine Stewart’s monster 1986 hit mandates , “You don’t have to Take your clothes off”, to have fun, co produced with her newly wed husband Jim E. Chandler (‘Stranger Things")–a comedic Hall -Mark -Channel -like- love- themed family movie, called “The Farmer and the Belle”——–in the vein of the children’s century old fable, Farmer in The Dell. This film was also produced by Joel Bunkowske (Grammy-nominated "Priceless") and Isaac Hernandez (Parables TV). Read Cold Heat News