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Our Family, Christmas comedy movie is partnered with these publishers for exclusive movie news on "The Farmer and The Belle."

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ABOUT | Together LA

  • Journal: Together LA is creating an exclusive journal following the making of the family, Christmas comedy movie "The Farmer and The Belle," (Coming Soon).

Alex Murashko is the Senior Editor for Together LA. Murashko was the Former Editor/Reporter for The Christian Post and is now a contributing writer. He also worked at the Los Angeles Times Orange County Edition before and after its transition into ownership by the Tribune Company. After the Times, Murashko was at the Press Enterprise in its Southwest Riverside County bureau as an education reporter. He lives in Southern California, and enjoys serving within life recovery and homeless ministries. Sharing good news stories that take place in Los Angeles is his passion.

Murashko launched Together LA as a movement for creatives who share the same faith and love LA. Those who intimately know the depth of this dynamic city, its challenges, as well as its possibilities. They know that Los Angeles is a gateway to a kaleidoscopic world of cultures—cultures full of promise. The vision doesn’t come without hurdles, but it does come with a pressing reality of what God is already doing to transform communities in LA.

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ABOUT | Cold Heat News

Maurice Dwayne Smith resides in Los Angeles is the co-founder, senior editor and lead journalist for the online magazine Cold Heat News owned by internationally recognized as a true Princess--House of Baloi---former Ms. Asia, and inductee into the International women's hall of fame, Princess Maria Amor, CEO of nonprofit We Care for Humanity.

Maurice was born in Fountainbleu in Paris, France to an army family. He majored in Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations at University of South Carolina with goals in creating journalism is to inform, inspire, empower, via knowledge, and empirically and at times spiritually enabled dynamics, readers and future journalists. He hopes that Cold Heat News shows that everyone has gifts, both spiritual and physical, and by watching others we can learn how to grow, and learn how to be better in whatever we bring to the human plate; we can help others by doing our best, and CHN is here to blow away the smoke and allow readers to see life through powerful magical lenses!. Stay tuned as the miracle of life continues to unfold.

Cinematographer Kacper Skowron films actual wedding kiss of Jim E. Chandler and Jenn (Gotzon) Chandler in family Christmas comedy movie "The Farmer and The Belle"

In a world , whose love insatiably, marches to a hedonistic beat as if a gun were at its head, Jenn Gotzon Chandler, award-winning, actress of the multiple Oscar nominated film, “Frost/Nixon”, produced by entertainment icon Ron Howard, demonstrates, as the mantra of singer Jermaine Stewart’s monster 1986 hit mandates , “You don’t have to Take your clothes off”, to have fun, co produced with her newly wed husband Jim E. Chandler (‘Stranger Things")–a comedic Hall -Mark -Channel -like- love- themed family movie, called “The Farmer and the Belle”——–in the vein of the children’s century old fable, Farmer in The Dell. This film was also produced by Joel Bunkowske (Grammy-nominated "Priceless") and Isaac Hernandez (Parables TV). Read Cold Heat News