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Inspired by the real life actor's love story:

Jim E. Chandler and Jenn Gotzon Chandler appear in Oscar-Nominated films and tv shows on ABC, NBC, BET, AMC, ID and often play Romantic Leads in inspirational family films including Lionsgate's Saving Faith releasing Sept 18.


The Farmer and The Belle: Saving SantaLand


When a NYC fashion model spends the holidays in a small town, she falls in love with her childhood pen pal, a pig farmer, and helps save his hometown's SantaLand, learning true beauty comes from the heart, not just a pretty face.


During a chaotic Christmas shoot in New York City, an aging fashion model Belle Winters (Jenn Gotzon Chandler) publicly suffers a breakup with her famous musician fiancé. Adding to the chaos, her agent gives her five days to get her act together, or her career is finito! In a dream, Belle’s mom reminds her of the charm bracelet she lost at SantaLand as a child, as it holds a treasured possession, inscriptions to true beauty and real love. Desperate to save her career, she embarks on a crazy ride to her childhood roots to find this bracelet. Arriving at the small Georgia town, she faces her biggest fears: pigs, rekindling her friendship with her childhood crush Josh (Jim E. Chandler), and Lacey, the bully of her youth.

In Belle's search, she has to push away the advances of Brice, a slick real estate farm developer and ask Josh her old pen pal, now a single father of an adorable six-year-old Adele, to disrupt his simple life as the farmer in the dell. Overcoming her fear, Belle's searches for her bracelet on Josh’s dreaded pig farm, also the site of the 97th Annual SantaLand. Belle falls in love with Josh when she finds a stack of old letters addressed to her with her mother’s handwriting marked “return to sender” in Josh’s attic. He’d been loyal all along. Attached to the letters is a missing charm from her bracelet inscribed true beauty is serving others. Her joy dampens when she learns Josh must close down SantaLand after the holidays forever.

To prove her love, Belle hatches a plan to help save SantaLand and calls on locals and celebrity performers to raise money to keep the town's tradition alive. Jealous of Josh's growing interest in Belle, Lacey challenges her to compete in a winner-takes-all at SantaLand's annual Snowfaire Games (complete with beard shaving, fish noodling, and piglet chasing). The prize is Josh, that is if Belle can conquer her pig paranoia. Adele, playing the Mary in the Christmas Nativity, is teary-eyed when the person performing the donkey doesn’t show. Belle sacrifices her self-image and puts on the donkey suit to serve Josh's daughter. Belle stands hoof in mouth while she witnesses Lacey and Josh smooching. Belle flees home to snowy Central Park heartbroken and believing she'll never have true love.

Meanwhile, Josh finds her heirloom bracelet and brings it to the Big Apple as a peace offering to win Belle’s heart. During an enchanted dance in the snow, Belle opens her heart and finds assurance in the real meaning of love on Christmas.


“Jim and Jenn Gotzon Chandler’s script was one of the best analyzed according to Movieguide’s exhaustive Report to the Entertainment Industry 150 criteria. It’s like a Christianized version of Sweet Home Alabama with elements of Home on the Range”

-Dr. Ted Baehr, Movieguide

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