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The Farmer and The Belle presents Saving Santaland


When an aging New York City model spends the holidays in a small town, she falls in love with her childhood pen pal, a pig farmer, and helps save his hometown's Santaland, learning true beauty comes from the heart, not just a pretty face.


When ten-year-old Belle visits her friend Josh's pig farm in Georgia for their Santaland Sleepover, Belle is ridiculed by the other kids, causing her to flee home after losing her family heirloom bracelet. During her ride home, Belle decides to become a famous model, believing that she will find "real love" and never be made fun of again.

Twenty years later, Belle Winters has achieved her goal to become a world famous model. Yes, she is "loved" by her fans, and even has a hot Latin artist as a fiancé ... until her fiancé trades her in for a younger model. Ouch! If that wasn’t enough, her agent gives her until after the holiday weekend to find her mojo or she’s finito!

Determined to find real love and save her career, Belle remembers the inscriptions on her lost charm bracelet and flies to the pig farm to find it. Overcoming her fears, she faces her childhood pen pal who stopped writing, Josh, now a farmer and a single father of a six-year old daughter.

Belle does not adapt well to life on the farm, especially with the chores. Of course, there are worse things in life than having eggs dropped on her, being covered in chicken feathers, and falling into slop-laden pig mud. But for a NYC model, these things could signal the end of time.

To make life on the farm even more interesting, Josh and Belle begin developing romantic feelings for each other looking for the bracelet when they unveil old pen pal letters . . Obviously, Belle's life would not be fun if it were that easy. Lacey, her childhood bully is also interested in Josh as he reveals they are losing Santaland.

As Belle finds one of the charms to her bracelet, she tries to figure out the meaning of "real love", and her adventure increases exponentially trying to save Santaland. There, Lacey challenges her to a country showdown in the "Snow Fair Games" - The prize? Josh!

Belle blindly accepts the challenge, only to find herself shooting Christmas trees, wrestling pigs in mud, and diving into a waterhole to catch fish. She pulls off a unique win, but the underhanded Lacey is still not through with Josh.

Lacey tries poisoning Josh's mind against Belle and even kisses him long and hard. Unfortunately, Belle sees the kiss and bolts back to NYC. Desperate for "real love", Belle turns to her bracelet which points her to real love in Jesus. But what about her feelings for Josh?

The country farmer Josh flies to the city and pursues Belle who mistakes him for a crazed fan. After a comical chase around the city, Josh finally catches her and explains that he wants a "real" love relationship with her. Belle's heart melts and they enjoy a wonderful reunion that leads to a "real love" marriage and "happily ever after".


It’s like a Christianized version of Sweet Home Alabama with elements of Home on the Range”

-Dr. Ted Baehr, Movieguide

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