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Pitch Trailer: https://vimeo.com/259394182 Password: christmascomedymovie

A sleepwalking supermodel finds Real Love on a Pig Farm and saves Santaland.

Theme: Finding Real Love.

With today’s climate, we want women to understand their worth is not based on their beauty. The Farmer and The Belle franchise will reveal how to treat women with love, honor and respect and how to find real love in a healthy relationship. Our theme Real Love is explored through Belle’s MOJO charm bracelet: You are a magnificent Masterpiece, Obedient to your calling, a Joyful Giver with an Open-Heart to experience the miracles of the Christmas Nativity.

*Belle returns 20 years later to find her bracelet, which holds the secret to finding real love.


Days before Thanksgiving during a fashion shoot in the Flatiron District, NYC, supermodel Belle Winters (and a horse) in pink pajamas gets dumped publicly on a TMZ style Gossip News. Flooded by flashbulbs, the blonde beauty flees the biting paparazzi to find her mojo where no one could imaginably find her... the deep south on a pig farm.

This Christmas romantic comedy is a double fish out of water set in the backdrop of the Farmer in the Dell. Watch how Josh Carpenter pursues Belle Winters heart to soon be his bride. The actors filmed their actual wedding for the pitch trailer.


Out to Hallmark Fan Favorites.

Attached/Interested: John Schneider (The Dukes of Hazzard), Ernie Hudson (Grace & Frankie), Olan Rogers (Final Space), Alicia Minshew (All My Children), Austin Peck (Days of Our Lives), Patricia Mauceri (One Life to Live), Rich Swingle (Provident), Henry Cho (Stand-up Comedian), Mark Ashworth (The Magnificent Seven).

The story is based on the real love story of newlyweds, Jim E. Chandler (Stranger Things) and Jenn Gotzon Chandler (My Daddy Is In Heaven), starring in a slate of films as Romantic Leads releasing in 2018. Saving Faith is distributed by Lionsgate and has appearances by Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith.

Production Team


Joel Bunkowske is multi-award winning attorney who works in the Christian film and music industries. He is the recipient of Grammy and Dove awards for his legal work in the music and film industry. His areas of practice include film legal and business affairs; film production, finance, and global distribution; venture capital deal structuring, contracts, dispute resolution, and university teaching. Joel has worked extensively in the film, music and television industries doing finance, distribution, consulting, producing, executive producing, directing, and contracts for hundreds of projects worldwide with Warner Brothers, Universal, Disney, Paramount Pictures, MGM, ABC, NBC, FOX, EMI, Capitol Records, Word Records and many more.

Joel's goal for our music is to appear on top Christian music charts, like his team accomplished with "Priceless" which was nominated for a Grammy Award.


Dick Rolfe is a veteran of the media and entertainment industry for over 25 years, founder and former CEO of The Dove Foundation. Rolfe is a highly sought-after resource for networking and brand marketing. Now Rolfe is uniting his thousands of media contacts with his extensive experience in film, television, publishing, and digital media to aid professionals in taking their businesses to the next level. Rolfeconsulting.com will be assisting with financial partnerships in production and distribution.

"The film's story reflects the best of human nature and how we should all relate to the true meaning of Christmas. It appeals to me because its focus on family and faith is right at the center of my mission," Rolfe shares. "There's a shortage of clean comedy in entertainment, and this movie will scratch that itch to laugh out loud without embarrassment. I can envision it becoming a perennial family favorite every Christmas, " Dick Rolfe.


As Vice President of Parables, Isaac Hernandez is responsible for the acquisition of high-definition content for the first-ever Christian 24/7 HD movie network in the world. Prior to this, Isaac was a Programming Executive for the Trinity Broadcasting Network, which, according to the FCC, is the world’s largest broadcast group. His responsibilities included the acquisition and scheduling of movies for the network as well as overseeing the relationships with filmmakers and motion picture distributors. For over 25 years, Isaac directed many of the programs produced by The Trinity Broadcasting Network including their live flagship show PRAISE THE LORD. Isaac was also the director for PAXtv’s live flagship program GREAT DAY AMERICA when PAXtv first launched. 37 years of experience in the Christian broadcasting industry.

Jim E. Chandler - PRODUCER

Jim E. Chandler is an award-winning actor with a commanding screen and stage presence. Highlights include Netflix’s hit show Emmy-Winning Stranger Things, Recurring on BET’s The Quad, AMC’s Lodge 49 and regularly starring on Investigation Discovery Network. Chandler appeared on NBC’s Game of Silence and Lifetime’s hit show Drop Dead Diva. Chandler began his career starring in viral YouTube hits like Cardboard Warfare 2, Mega Man X, and several other videos now approaching 10 million views. Jim starred opposite of his wife Jenn Gotzon Chandler in many projects including an international modeling campaign in China. They play romantic leads in Saving Faith, Sinking Sand, The Colors of Emily and appears in recent release, My Daddy Is In Heaven. In the NYC stage play Celebrity Confessions: Live from Broadway, the Chandler’s shared their transformational story of finding real love through Jesus enlisting a standing ovation. Chandler’s extensive production experience from producer to production provides him logistical abilities to problem solve and conquer any mountain.

The newlywed couple, Jim E. Chandler and Jenn Gotzon Chandler are bringing “the merry” back into marriage sharing their heartwarming family movies and their story in churches to show how real love can impact lives.

Jenn Gotzon Chandler- PRODUCER is the story creator for the "The Farmer and The Belle."

Jenn Gotzon Chandler plays the female lead in award-winning faith and family movies on Amazon. She made a niche playing historical and real-life characters as seen in 2018's My Daddy Is In Heaven. Her breakout role as President Nixon’s daughter, Tricia Nixon, directed by Ron Howard in Frost/Nixon, and Alone Yet Not Alone, a novel-turned-movie, credits her in films with six Academy Award nominations. Jenn Gotzon Chandler’s passion is to inspire the audience's soul: to be entertained, relate to the story and ultimately find revelation towards believing you are a magnificent masterpiece, wonderfully made for a purpose. She enjoys sharing her story, alongside her actor husband Jim E. Chandler as a public speaker worldwide.

"Gotzon reveals character with an extraordinary emotional range better than almost anyone in Hollywood today," states leading faith & family critic Ted Baehr, Movieguide.

As a producer, Jenn is building partnerships to produce The Farmer and The Belle into a family movie franchise, joining with peers and mentors throughout development, production, distribution and marketing from her 20+ years in entertainment. For the list of participating partners and advisors, please email: ChristmasComedyMovie@gmail.com.

STORY - vision for a franchise


  • Billy Falcon, (17-year Jon Bon Jovi co-songwriter. Part of the Bon Jovi team that has sold over 130-million records. (Bon Jovi, Faith Hill, Stevie Nicks, Cher, Manfred Mann, Sherrie Austin, Meat Loaf, Trace Adkins).
  • Reuben Evans (Creative executive at Faithlife Corporation, makers of the industry-leading Logos Bible software).
  • James M. De. Vince (Movieguide Kairos Prize Winner).

Contributing Writers & Consultants:

Erin & Greg Smalley (Focus on the Family, Authors, Psychologists).

George Escobar, Leo Partible, Derrick Warfel, Amy Julian, Paul De Rose, Chip Rossetti, Miranda Uyeh, Lisa Stillwell, Ginger Beggs, Mike Rinaldi along with advice from Movieguide's How to Succeed in Hollywood without Losing Your Soul.

Christopher Ridder (editor).

Nate Cornell (composer) Grammy Award-winning Christian film and pop music composer wrote the theme song to "The Farmer and The Belle."

Kacper Skowron (cinematographer). Alissa Nicholson (photographer).

Producer Joel Bunkowske obtained will work with the artists to help chart the song upon movie's release, as his movie "Priceless" that went onto winning Grammy nods. Joel skills learned from grammy nominated priceless hopes to have our theme song place in top christian music charts.

Cristóbal Krusen behind the scenes in NYC filming the pitch trailer Real Love for "The Farmer and The Belle."

Cristóbal Krusen - DIRECTOR (Pitch Trailer)

Cristóbal Krusen entered Harvard University in 1971, majoring in English literature, intent on making his mark as a poet and novelist. A growing interest in photography and filmmaking, however, led him to transfer to New York University where he changed majors and graduated with a BFA in Film and Television in 1976. He later attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California where he received his MFA in Film in 1989.

Cristóbal has won countless awards for his prolific storytelling as a director for thirty years, helming productions in more than twenty countries. He is best known for the award-winning films Final Solution, More Than Dreams, Undaunted and most recently, Sabina K.

Over the last several years, he has also begun fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a writer. Among his published works are Undaunted and They Were Christians. Working in multiple languages, Cristóbal is known for a poetic filmmaking style and the ability to draw intense and intimate performances from actors. Above all, he is a “story-teller” who delights to engage his audience while addressing the deepest needs of the human heart. For more info visit the filmmaker Cristobal Krusen and his film storytelling at his company Messenger Films.

Anthony Hackett goes live behind the scenes filming the pitch trailer Real Love for "The Farmer and The Belle."

Anthony Hackett - COMEDY DIRECTOR (Pitch Trailer)

Anthony Hackett, under the leadership of God, is an award winning director/ screenwriter and the founder of SONset Friday Entertainment. For his directorial debut he surprised the faith-based film market with the intense Thriller, Crisis Call which garnered over 10 film festival award wins and nominations in both secular and faith-based festivals. He followed the success of that film with his comedy, Love Different starring Jenn Gotzon Chandler (God's Country, Doonby), The Late Tommy Ford (TV Series Martin, Harlem Knights) and himself.

Anthony Hackett quickly became recognized for his comedic direction when Love Different went on to win multiple film festival awards and was ranked the #1 selling comedy in 2016 on Christian Cinema Family Films (largest online retailer of Christian Films).

Anthony Hackett's calling in life is to help people enjoy God. He lives and serves with his wife, 2 daughters and his dog. For more info visit on Anthony films for the family, visit www.SonsetFriday.com

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