A NYC supermodel finds real love on a pig farm and saves Santaland.

"The Farmer and The Belle" follows the hilarious adventures of a New York City supermodel and the Farmer in the Dell. The family franchise exposes the lie written on 90% of girl's hearts, "If I'm beautiful, then everyone will love me," and provides a pathway to true beauty and real love.

Pitch Trailer

In Development: Saving Santaland, a Christmas TV movie, 10% of the script filmed, ancillary products and franchise potential.

Inspired by the actors' true story.


A NYC supermodel who depends on her beauty to be loved finds herself wallowing in pig mud at Santaland where she learns that real love comes from the heart rather than her face.

"The Farmer and The Belle" star Jenn Gotzon Chandler with Dreamer in NYC filming for the Family, Christmas Comedy Movie.

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