Fantasy Football


Position by position rankings for the 2019 NFL season brought to you by the crew at Fantasy Football 4MULA

Fantasy Football is different every year, so how are we approaching 2019 Fantasy Football? What draft strategies and trends do we like best this season, and what are our favorite ways to exploit market inefficiencies in 2019 Fantasy Football Drafts.

Overreactions are a staple of fantasy football, for both analysts and the average player. It's easy to take a week 1 under-performance to heart and sour on a player completely. Read this article and remember why you shouldn't do that.

Entering a brand new NFL season means that there are story-lines everywhere. We've been waiting to see these players for months, and now we finally have something to back up all that talk. One game seemed to shine above all when it comes to stories, and here are the implications of that game.

Every Fantasy Football outlet does their own version of their "guys." This is one of those articles. These are the biggest values in fantasy football right now.

Sometimes the market just overvalues players. It happens every year without fail. This is a list of these overvalued players.