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FAMKA Supplies company is an enterprise that supplies high-quality medical diagnostic kits and other medical supplies for clinics, hospitals, home and mobile users. With our global distribution centers we have access to the world. Deliveries are made easy via courier-based services.

They provide discreet delivery of products including Covid-19 Test Kits, Test Kits, Libido Boosters among others.

FAMKA is a global provider that specializes in the distribution of high-quality medical supplies and other medical products for clinics, hospitals and individual users. FAMKA has access to all parts of the world through our global distribution centres and they provide discreet delivery services.

The company's mission is to provide quality healthcare solutions with discretion at affordable rates worldwide.

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FAMKA supplies high quality Medical Diagnostic Kits and other medical supplies for Clinics, Hospitals, home and mobile users on a global scale. With our GLOBAL distribution centres, we have access to the world. Deliveries are made easy via the courier based services.

Here are some of the reasons to use our professional home diagnostic kits:

- Fast and reliable results.

- High level of accuracy (99.8%).

- Discreet and anonymous testing.

- Frequent testing made easy.

- Evaluated and accepted by world organizations.

- Our Products come from factories that are certified by ISO 13485 (International Medical Devices Standard) and GMP.

- All test kits have valid CE approvals and certificates of conformity.

- The test kits are used by professionals to diagnose their patients in hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.

Our satisfied customers come from all walks of life and are located in different parts of the world. Our global reach spans throughout Africa, Europe, Eurasia, Asia, Middle East, Australia, North and South America including the Caribbean.

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