Methods for Family-Centered Design
Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice

Hybrid @ CHI2024 Workshops
| Sunday, 12 May 2024  | Room 305B |

A full-day hybrid workshop aimed to collaboratively curate a knowledge base for family-centered design methods in HCI

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Technology is pervasive in family life. Family-centered design can enable the creation of technological solutions that align with the diverse needs of, and dynamics within, families. Yet, designing meaningful interactive technologies that are useful for and desired by families still remains a complex and evolving challenge.
There are limited resources in the HCI community examining theoretical and methodological processes for designing and testing technology that supports and enhances family life. With this workshop we aim to take a step towards collaboratively developing comprehensive resources, toolkits, and best practice guidelines tailored to family-centered design in HCI. 

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Topics of Interest

Child-Computer Interaction

Human-Robot Interaction

Health and Wellbeing


Privacy & Ethics

AI and Smart Home Devices

Virtual and Mixed Reality


Bengisu Cagiltay

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Yuxing Wu

Indiana University Bloomington

Hui-Ru Ho

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Olivia Richards

University of Michigan

Kaiwen Sun

University of Michigan

Qiao (Georgie) Jin

University of Minnesota

Zhaoyuan "Nick" Su

University of California, Irvine

Junnan Yu

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Jerry Alan Fails

Boise State University

Jason Yip

University of Washington

Jodi Forlizzi

Carnegie Mellon University