Five 90s Family Movies You Should Share With Your Kids

Five 90s Family Movies You Should Share With Your Kids

Being a parent can commonly be lovely rewarding if not for the simple reason that your children think you are the coolest character most of the time. However, at some point, you cease to be cool, and there is no position that you can see your children roll their eyes more than when you try to expose them to the family movies of the 1990s. For some reason, your kiddos look at you as though you have a third eye when you try to explain the coolness of these family film classics, and you retreat in defeat, with only your old VHS memories to comfort you.

Then again, are you really surprised? Every generation makes it a habit to fashion their formative years as better than that of their parents and grandparents, so it should be no surprise that your kids think your taste in movies is pretty lame. The thing is, though, is that you have some serious film classics on your side that have proven to be pretty darn timeless. In fact, many of the 90s family movies you grew up on live in perpetuity on television. Obviously, your kids just don't get it.

And it can be your job to make them get it. So, gather the complete family, get some snacks together, and have a great family movie night by taking in some of the finest family movies of all-time. Here are a few particularly awesome selections:

Home Alone - Arguably one of the most popular Christmas movies of all-time. A sassy-pants kid gets his comeuppance when he's left alone for the holidays. What started as the greatest time ever quickly devolves into a funny, yet touching tale of a kid just wanting his family around.

Babe - "That'll do pig. That'll do." You thought there'd be only one touching tale about a pig that captivated an audience, but then came this beautiful story of a pig, a big dream, standing out from the crowd, and finding your place in life.

The family movies of the 90s were impactful because showcased a great mix of classic animation, buddy comedy, heartwarming drama, and "fish-out-of-water" syndrome that you just can't find in many movies today. It's important to mention that family movies are a blast simply because they have a little something in them for viewers of all ages. But perhaps the best part of family movies is that they give you a chance to hang out with the best people in the world, even if they do roll their eyes a little.

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