RealVisor GPS Tracker

Using an browser and RealVisor app you can find out where your child or vehicle is

You need only install android app on a child's smartphone

How does it works

Assume that your child (or your vehicle) has an android gadget with RealVisor application installed.

On the other hand, you (the parent of this child or the owner of this car) have a computer or smartphone. Using browser of this computer or smartphone you can receive real-time information about the location where your child or vehicle is. Also you can see this place over the front and rear cameras of child's smartphone. You really see what is happening around!

This can be done simply through any Internet browser without using additional apps. To do this you need:

1) Open the website through the browser.

2) Enter the username / password of your account. You can find your account information in the app.

3) After you have been logged in you will get online access to the RealVisor gadget through the following set of buttons:

  • "Locate" button. Shows the place on the map where the gadget is. You can select GPS/Internet based location.
  • "Track" button. Shows the history of the gadget's movement for a certain period (from 1 hour to 30 days or more) as a track on the map.
  • "Live Camera" button. Remotely turns on/off the gadget's camera over the browser. You can select front / rear camera or USB camera to view.
  • "Archive" button. Shows the video record made by the smartphone's camera. You can also download any video file to your computer or smartphone from smartphone.

Outstanding features

Android app is not visible on the child's smartphone screen (hidden operation).

Using an internet browser you can not only see the place on the map where your child or vehicle is. But also you can really see this place over the front and rear smartphone's cameras.

You can view the history of locations for a certain period as a color track on the map.

You can easily manage the location from the browser, f. e., switch from GPS to Internet based location.

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