Collect the Westborough Charms!


My name is Lydia O'Connell and I am an Ambassador Girl Scout. Welcome to my website!

I love to hike and I also absolutely adore nature, so, through my Gold Award project, I am trying to make hiking on the trails in Westborough more fun for families and encourage them to hike more, especially along the Westborough Charm Bracelet trails. I made and put up 8 informational posters about plants and animals in Westborough on the trails in areas that those plants and animals could be found. A printable passport has spaces to write answers to 8 questions (the questions and matching answers are found on each poster). Upon finding all 8 answers, you can email a photo of the completed passport to for inclusion in the Westborough Charms Hall of Fame.

On this website, you can find a copy of every single informational kiosk including details about it's location and the printable version of the passport that families can use to collect answers for the kiosks. I've also included pictures and extra information about my project.

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