Falcon 23


For sale  

Offers above £13,000

(Estimated value when comp[leted: £18,000)

A recently refurbished Falcon 23 (95% complete) with purpose built trailer.

Available with a new inflatable dinghy  (tender) with Honda 4 stroke outboard that can double as emergency engine this can be stored in the bow cupboard is available at extra cost



Currently sited in Bedford. 

New replacement items

Original features

Outstanding works required


During 2014  after decades of boating I wanted to buy something special to modernise for my own needs.  after research  I had a quest to find a Falcon 23, that was made and designed in  Norfolk where I was born.... see original  review below when it was manufactured in 1991.

I found an example in the Medway that was original and in need of attention. I bought this in 2014 with the intention of making it something special for me, so with no expense spared I brought it back to Bedford and started my dream. unfortunately my physique detreated to the point that the project reach about 95 % completion, but I am no longer able to finish and even If I could I am no longer confident to sail it!

Original professional review by Motorboats Monthly

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