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What is GMB?

Google My Business (GMB), formerly known as Google Places, is a product that enables you to build and maintain free business listings in Google Maps so that when searching locally, people can see your business. You can claim, build and verify your local business on Google with Google My Business so that your business data is shown in Google Maps. Google My Business can also allow you to add context about your business and the information is shared to Google.com, Google Maps or Google Earth.

How to buy Google Reviews

Excellent reviews can improve search visibility, boost sales and increase profits. These also act as social evidence that is important to encourage consumer trust and promote customer retention. It can therefore be lucrative to buy reviews especially for businesses with poor reviews and one-star ratings. Purchasing reviews may seem to be a fast remedy to bury bad reviews and boost rankings across all common review sites. That's why businesses that want to buy online feedback are on a growing demand. A quick search on Google reveals sites like AppSally to buy Google reviews for Google My Business.

Almost 90% of people believe that personal recommendations are equivalent to online Google reviews. Research shows that:

  • Nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase (Spiegel Research Center,2017)
  • 93% of local consumers use reviews to determine if a local business is good or bad (BrightLocal, 2017)
  • 72% of customers don’t take action until they have read reviews (Testimonial Engine)

With this correlation, small enterprises have a high possibility to attract new companies via the Internet. What you need is as many authentic Google My Business reviews as possible. While most small companies are often subject to a negative reviews, maintaining a high average traffic score can help increase traffic and turn more of this traffic into revenue. Many customers don't take even a little time, even if they have a positive experience, to leave a review.

Should you buy Google reviews for your GMB?

If I were you, I wouldn't do that. Most businesses felt the more reviews they get, the better at some point So if all the reviews are five stars, customers will definitely choose their company. So the system was lied and cheated to - and they paid it the price. When caught, it means getting in serious trouble:

  1. The reputation of the company will collapse (for example Yelp will highlight the online profile with a "Customer Alert" banner).
  2. Consumers will simply walk away (who can trust a company that pays for good reviews)
  3. Legal problems may even arise.

Google's terms and conditions of service strongly recommend against online review, as this activity leads to worryingly inaccurate content. Don't imagine you won't be spotted by Google. Sooner or later, you will be caught. Remember, reviews are only valuable when they are honest and unbiased.

How to get free Google reviews?

Google has a good list of recommendation to get reviews on Google. Some of the suggestions are:

  • Remind your clients to leave feedback for your clients. Let them know that business reviews on phones and tablets and computers can be left easily and quickly.
  • Answer the Google reviews to build customer confidence. Your clients will find that their feedback is appreciated by your company and may leave further feedback in the future.
  • You can also build and share a reference to leave a review by customers. Check that your company has access to information on the maps, search and other services of Google. Only verified companies can reply.

Personally, I would suggest asking your friends or your family to review your company as it sounds like the least difficult way to obtain the Google reviews. Of course they will gladly help you with a great review. And it's free!

However, the easiest and best way to get more Google reviews is to simply offer good customer experiences regularly and build "wow" times with customers. It is doubtful that companies buying feedback will have developed the ability to do this. Do not follow their example: the reputation you worked so hard to build could kill if you buy reviews.