Have you heard of fake, or faux walls?

You ever wondered how magicians do half of their tricks? It is mostly done with false, black and unnoticeable walls that are retractable and allows any individual in the stage to crawl out of the scene unnoticed.

Or those TV shows for kids that always have a very cool background in their studios each episode. The television actors jump around the stage and sing songs while a new background moves in, more colorful than the previous one.

There is a good, highly probably chance that these are also done with fake walls.

False walls are highly practical as they can be used for a variety of things, and are also much cheaper to make than real walls. Stone walls, for example, cost a significant amount of money, but a faux stone wall costs not even half the price to pretend to be of the same material. If it's all about decoration, fake walls are your best friends.

A Faux Brick Wall, for example, is a very used technique by commercials and real estate agents. These people, trying to sell a very expensive image of the house, usually can work around the high prices of real walls made of bricks by using wood and painting the material later.

Faux Stone is more affordable and also lasts for much longer. It can replace the stone, but does not need to be preplanned and have a construction team to provide it, as it can be created by anyone that knows how to search for a tutorial online.

A fake wall is lightweight, easy to make, easy to install, and can be done by you, even if you're not very acquainted with this kind of manufacturing service.

Most of the times, all you need to have is a traditional saw and a bit of dedication. Honesty included, it can be a little tiresome, but completely worth it.

Why use a faux brick wall, for example? What real practicality has a fake wall in your life?

For starters, a false wall is great if you are looking to make a first impression with your house without spending unnecessary amounts of money just to get there. Stone and bricks are the most requested materials of decoration when renovating the looks of a building, but, of course, renovation comes at a steep price.

Going further down the creativity: If you were planning to ever include a hot tub in your house, the fake walls could be used to create a hot tub retreat in the exterior of the house, even the backyard. False walls are exceptionally useful for this, as stone and bricks weight much more than a fake, self-created wood or paper wall.

Creativity is the essential trait necessary in building your own fake wall. Many tutorials can be searched and followed on the internet, and it honestly does not take more than a couple of hours to make your first one and a few days to master the art of creating a faux wall.

It's definitely a fun and engaging experience, especially if you do it with your family and kids. Teaching art and seeking creativity at a young age has also proven to be very beneficial to a young child or a baby. Some of the materials should not be used by them, but observing sure unlocks a lot of their creative potential.