Faithful 32x for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Faithful 32x
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Faithful Mumbo


-Textures have been created by Offroaders123, Vattic, and xMrVizzy.

-Most textures are from Vattic and xMrVizzy's Java edition Faithful 32x resource pack, so credit is due to them!

-Some textures are from Mumbo Jumbo's custom Java edition resource pack, and AntVenom's Java edition FaithfulVenom 32x resource pack.

Resource Pack Updates

-When a resource pack is updated, it will be replaced with a new release in it's Google Drive folder.

-To check if you have the most recent releases, look for the release date below the download link of the specific resource pack.

-This site is also listed on the pregame settings menu under the About Faithful 32x tab if you have the Faithful 32x resource pack applied. This tab can be viewed in 12 different languages!

Installation Guides

In need of help to install one of these packs? The Minecraft team may be able to help you HERE! Scroll down to Installation Instructions and select your platform.


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