Faithful 32x

For Minecraft Bedrock Edition

A snapshot of a beautiful coral reef!

A snapshot of a bright sunset!


All textures from the original Java edition resource pack have been transferred to work with the Bedrock edition. Textures exclusive to the Bedrock edition have also been created! Apply this pack in the Global Resources tab to have the classic vanilla style with a new touch!


-Download the latest release of Faithful 32x HERE!

-The latest release was on December 12, 2018 for Minecraft Bedrock v1.8.0.

-This release includes most textures from the Update Aquatic; more work is still needed.

-You can share this pack, but please refer back to only this site, and MCPEDL.

-Looking for Java edition textures? Check out xMrVizzy's Faithful 32x project HERE!


-Added Crossbow item textures

-Added Bamboo block textures

-Added Bamboo item texture

-Added Dye item textures

-Added various user interface textures exclusive to v1.8

-Edited various user interface textures to align with v1.8

-Edited Flame Atlas entity texture

-Edited existing Cat textures to align with v1.8

-Fixed Ghast Shooting entity texture (mouth and eyes will now glow like vanilla)


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