Children's Time

Children's Time

During every service, we set aside time for our children; for a special message from Louie, Lucia, and/or Rev. Bubba just for them. Worship time, is not just for Adults at Fairview. Our children are very special to us and we want them to feel that they have a part in the worship services as well.

To learn more about Louie, Lucia, and Rev. Bubba scroll down.

Everything about Louie

1. Louie was our first friend to come to help with our Children's time.

2. He is originally from...well we really aren't sure. But we are glad that he is here now.

3. Louie came to know the Lord at the age of 6, when a missionary was in town.

4. When he is not helping with Children's Time, he enjoys just hanging out in the Pastor's office, telling jokes about Pastor Carl, and playing video games.

Everything about Lucia

1. Lucia, is Louie younger sister.

2. She is a charming southern lady.

3. She is genuinely quiet and did not know the Lord, until her brother Louie invited her to come to Fairview.

4. She accepted Christ as her Savior on March 24, 2019. Every since then, she can't wait to tell people about Jesus.

5. She likes to drink tea and talk to the other ladies at church.

Everything about Rev. Bubba

1. Bubba is the newest member of our Children's time.

2. He is a Southern Preacher, who loves to tell everyone about Jesus and let's say he gets just a little excited when he does.

3. He went to school at Out in the Sticks Seminary

4. If Rev. Bubba is not at Children's time, it is probably because he is preaching at another church to help them out.