Public Relations and Communications

Public Relations and Communications Committee: Will bring value to external constituents so they are more likely to support our initiatives. They will also serve as the communications arm of the FEA. There activities will include:

a. Identifying liaisons to all of our main constituents

i. Each school’s PTA


iii. Community groups in Fairfield not directly tied to education, like: senior groups, taxpayer groups, athletic groups (i.e. Little League and PAL), etc.

b. Organizing and publicizing events that engage teachers with community groups. Examples might include teacher involvement in events like Relay for Life, Earth Day or the March of Dimes Walk-A-Thon and teacher and student involvement in community activities (i.e. Key Club, Junior Achievement, Boy Scout Merit Badge Club, interact Club, Human Relations Club, Save the Children, Random Acts of Kindness, Red Cross Club, etc.).

c. Creating and maintaining an FEA Facebook page and Twitter feed as well as other social media outlets to connect members and outside constituents.

d. Establishing a monthly electronic FEA newsletter. The committee would gather information and pictures from the other committees for inclusion in the newsletter, especially social events, policy initiatives, and organizing efforts.