Professional Leadership

Professional Leadership Committee: Will be responsible for elevating the professionalism of our membership and facilitating professional interactions with the FPS administration and the BOE. These activities include:

a. Setting up a Faculty Advisory Council. There will be a teacher from each department/grade level and from each school on the council. The council will be responsible for identifying problems and possible solutions, suggesting innovations and initiatives, conducting research, collaborating with professional and education institutions to create expert research, expressing professional expertise to various stakeholders, etc.

b. Enhancing our teacher mentorship program so newer teachers have consistent and meaningful support.

c. Collecting data on educational issues and using data to affect changes in district policy.

d. Using evidence to drive the focus of Data-team Meetings, Professional Development, etc.

e. Cultivating teacher experts on pertinent topics.

f. Recruiting teachers to go to CEA and NEA leadership forums and facilitating opportunities for those teachers to share what they’ve learned.

g. Working with the Membership Activities Committee in organizing professional development concerning areas of interest to teachers and on teacher leadership.

h. Participating/Selecting members to participate on district policy committees like the Teacher Evaluation Committee, the High School Schedule Committee, the Health and Safety Committee, etc.

i. Attending leadership meetings with other FEA and FAC/PLA members.