A Sex-Trafficking





Contemporary  /  Thriller  /  Drama   

a novel trilogy

by  Greg  Aalan

 Book  One  Preview

What If Your Daughter Or Son Were Missing ?

Would you hope that others

would be willing to help?


This is a fictional series for adults about the real world of Human Sex Trafficking.

Aren't You Curious To Know More?


Become aware of things . . .

Happening Right In Front Of Your Eyes.

This story will Entertain, Enlighten, and probably either Energize or Enrage you.

Do You Dare To Proceed?


A United States president attempts to stop the most powerful criminal cartel that has ever existed.

How will he confront them?  You’ll soon find out.

Meet some young girls who are victims of trafficking. 

What are they like?  What do they think?

Learn the rest of the story of David and Goliath,

and other lessons from King David’s life.

Are you willing to discover what might be uncomfortable,

yet are able to accept some things that are?

This Story Is For You

It's More Than Just Good

It's Crucial


 Release Delayed 

 due to health issues

Part Two


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 for updates 

Part Three


check back

 for updates

This series was originally written as a single novel, but has been split into three books due to its length.

I hope you are entertained, enlightened, and motivated to help as a result of the story you're about to read

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Knowledge Is Power 

Please  Tell  Others About


Victims Are Desperate For Our Help


The objective of this trilogy 

is to educate everyone 

about modern-day slavery 

and raise money 

to help stamp it out

I’ve been told that advertising agencies won’t accept clients requesting television campaigns unless they commit to buying a large number of initial spots. 

The first several times 

customers see an ad,

they're unaware of it. 

The next few times, 

they know they saw something,

but don’t remember what it's about. 

It’s not until after multiple viewings 

that the message has any impact.

Please  REPEATEDLY  tell people 

about  Human  Trafficking

~ Word of mouth 

Imagine ways to bring it up in conversation.

~ Social Media

Take advantage of every type you use.

~ E-Mail

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Let's Do Our Part

to Prevent, Rescue, & Heal

All Victims of 

Human Trafficking 

The Four Core Pillars Of The Movement 

To End Human Trafficking

Prevention      Intervention

Legislation     Aftercare

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