Facetime For PC - Windows Download

Facetime is an application available on Android and iOS that you can use for live conversations. Note before continuing, that you have the possibility to run this application on a PC thanks to an emulator called Bluestacks. In fact, bluestacks is able to emulate any Android application or iOS on a PC.

Developed by Apple, this app gives you the opportunity to chat with your loved ones no matter where they live. It is a video conferencing tool that gives you the ability to communicate with the rest of the world in real time. Facetime works on any PC and it gives you the ability to call your contacts on their mobiles no matter its brand and vice versa. However, to use it you must have a 3G, 4G, Wifi Internet connection.

Download Facetime For Windows PC

Easy to use Facetime is equipped with an ergonomic and advanced interface on which you have all the necessary features to call, receive video calls. To start a discussion, simply select one of your contacts and click on "Facetime" to start the discussion. Therefore, you will be able to access the application, no need to navigate between the tabs. A few clicks are enough to launch it.

However, your computer or the mobile phone of your caller must be equipped with a camera. This way, you can share your photos and videos free of charge whenever you like. This way, you will allow your friends to see you, comment on your photos or videos no matter where the country where they live. It should be noted that Facetime is a powerful software.

Thanks to Facetime you can find out what your friends and family are doing in real time, you can laugh on a given topic, you can discover what's around them with the video. In addition, you have a nice interface and modern graphics.


Apple sued in China for FaceTime

Complaints as well as lawsuits are multiplying at high speed for Apple in China.

Indeed, after a dispute over the iPad name set with a sum of $ 60 million , complaints against the version of the Mac OS X operating system, Snow Leopard and the Siri voice assistant , a Complaint was filed recently this time regarding another feature of Apple, FaceTime :

As a reminder, FaceTime is nothing other than the videophone application present on the last two generations of iPhone and iPad, on the iPod Touch 4th generation and also on Mac.

A Taiwanese named Lee believes that Apple has infringed its patent relating to a digital assisted voice transport technology across a network . As a result, the man has actually filed a complaint against the Cupertino company before the Zhenjiang Intermediate People's Court. The latter indicated that he was still waiting for a reply from the brand to the apple after having contacted him to inform him.

Lee's lawyer explained that the idea of ​​patented technology came to his client when he was a technician in a Taiwanese company for which he had to travel regularly abroad and make international calls to be able to communicate. The patent in question was filed in 2003 and was formerly owned by one of its former employers before it was transferred to him on his departure from the company. Lee says he discovered his patent violation after he used the FaceTime app on his recently purchased iPhone 4S.

No amount of damages was claimed by Lee. However, the person concerned shall demand that his patent shall cease to be infringed by the mark on the apple. Note that the first hearing will be held next month.

Facetime on your TV in mirror mode: it is possible with iOS5 Beta 3

While the third Beta version of iOS 5 has just come out, we are starting to see new features come in at least interesting.

We presented you this latest version of the operating system in this post but today it is about the visio conference FaceTime .

Indeed, what about to be able to make videoconferences in big screen on that of your TV for example and this wireless thanks to AirPlay ?

Well it seems that it is possible soon: Discover FaceTime on TV in details in the continuation of the ticket.

First of all, we recall that during the June keynote more than 200 novelties were announced to us . We had tried to list them but we did not yet Facetime wireless on the TV .

In addition to streaming photos and videos, the recent Beta 3 allows you to use an AirPlay wireless device (the latest generation of Apple TV ) to display the video conference on the screen.

Be careful though because the fact that it is possible in the beta does not necessarily indicate that the final version will also allow it .

If this is the case and it is with family or company, the possibility of "facetimer" on a large scale could seduce