Facetime For PC - Windows Download

Facetime is an application available on Android and iOS that you can use for live conversations. Note before continuing, that you have the possibility to run this application on a PC thanks to an emulator called Bluestacks. In fact, bluestacks is able to emulate any Android application or iOS on a PC.

Developed by Apple, this app gives you the opportunity to chat with your loved ones no matter where they live. It is a video conferencing tool that gives you the ability to communicate with the rest of the world in real time. Facetime PC works on any PC and it gives you the ability to call your contacts on their mobiles no matter its brand and vice versa. However, to use it you must have a 3G, 4G, Wifi Internet connection.

Download Facetime For Windows PC

Easy to use Facetime on windows pc is equipped with an ergonomic and advanced interface on which you have all the necessary features to call, receive video calls. To start a discussion, simply select one of your contacts and click on "Facetime" to start the discussion. Therefore, you will be able to access the application, no need to navigate between the tabs. A few clicks are enough to launch it.

However, your computer or the mobile phone of your caller must be equipped with a camera. This way, you can share your photos and videos free of charge whenever you like. This way, you will allow your friends to see you, comment on your photos or videos no matter where the country where they live. It should be noted that Facetime is a powerful software.

Thanks to Facetime on pc you can find out what your friends and family are doing in real time, you can laugh on a given topic, you can discover what's around them with the video. In addition, you have a nice interface and modern graphics.


Apple sued in China for FaceTime

Complaints as well as lawsuits are multiplying at high speed for Apple in China.

Indeed, after a dispute over the iPad name set with a sum of $ 60 million , complaints against the version of the Mac OS X operating system, Snow Leopard and the Siri voice assistant , a Complaint was filed recently this time regarding another feature of Apple, FaceTime :

As a reminder, FaceTime is nothing other than the videophone application present on the last two generations of iPhone and iPad, on the iPod Touch 4th generation and also on Mac.

A Taiwanese named Lee believes that Apple has infringed its patent relating to a digital assisted voice transport technology across a network . As a result, the man has actually filed a complaint against the Cupertino company before the Zhenjiang Intermediate People's Court. The latter indicated that he was still waiting for a reply from the brand to the apple after having contacted him to inform him.

Lee's lawyer explained that the idea of ​​patented technology came to his client when he was a technician in a Taiwanese company for which he had to travel regularly abroad and make international calls to be able to communicate. The patent in question was filed in 2003 and was formerly owned by one of its former employers before it was transferred to him on his departure from the company. Lee says he discovered his patent violation after he used the FaceTime app on his recently purchased iPhone 4S.

No amount of damages was claimed by Lee. However, the person concerned shall demand that his patent shall cease to be infringed by the mark on the apple. Note that the first hearing will be held next month.

Facetime on your TV in mirror mode: it is possible with iOS5 Beta 3

While the third Beta version of iOS 5 has just come out, we are starting to see new features come in at least interesting.

We presented you this latest version of the operating system in this post but today it is about the visio conference FaceTime .

Indeed, what about to be able to make videoconferences in big screen on that of your TV for example and this wireless thanks to AirPlay ?

Well it seems that it is possible soon: Discover FaceTime on TV in details in the continuation of the ticket.

First of all, we recall that during the June keynote more than 200 novelties were announced to us . We had tried to list them but we did not yet Facetime wireless on the TV .

In addition to streaming photos and videos, the recent Beta 3 allows you to use an AirPlay wireless device (the latest generation of Apple TV ) to display the video conference on the screen.

Be careful though because the fact that it is possible in the beta does not necessarily indicate that the final version will also allow it .

If this is the case and it is with family or company, the possibility of "facetimer" on a large scale could seduce

Facetime PC does not work - what to do?

With Facetime, video entertainment is easy. If the service does not work, you can solve the problem quickly in most cases.

Facetime PC does not work - you can do that

Below, we'll show you what you can do to make Apple's Facetime work on your iOS device without any problems:

In order to use the service, you need at least one iPhone 4. You can use Facetime on iPhone 4 only via WLAN.

Ensure that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network or the mobile network so that Facetime can be used.

If you have not already done so, you can activate the mobile data via "Settings"> "Mobile data".

However, we recommend that you use Facetime over WLAN, as many data packets are required.

Your mobile provider Facetime may not be able to help you. On an overview of Apple you can check this.

In order for Facetime to be used properly, you must have set the correct time zone in the settings.

In addition, your Apple ID must be entered correctly and correctly in order to be able to use Facetime.

Restart your iPhone once and try again to use the service. If this still does not work, switch to the "Settings"> "Facetime PC" and deactivate this here. Note: It may take up to 24 hours for Facetime to be available for you after reactivation.

If in doubt, you can also contact Apple Support for your problem and ask for more help.

Facetime: The 3 best alternatives for iPhone and iPad

FaceTime for windows alternative: Skype for iPhone / iPad

  • The most famous provider of Internet telephony is Skype. The program is not only available as a PC version . Also on the iPhone and the iPad you can skypen.
  • The Skype app is free. It offers a modern interface adapted to the mobile operating system. Thanks to the simple menu navigation, even inexperienced users are well-versed.
  • You can make free voice calls and video calls over the Internet. You can also use the Skype app to send messages. Videotelefonie works over WLAN and from UMTS (3G), voice calls function also with slower Internet connection.
  • To use the features of the app, you need a free Skype account .
  • Advantage with Skype: The service is very common, so a Skype account probably already have some of your contacts.

Facetime alternative: Tango video calls

Just as good as Skype, the app also works Tango video calls .

The app is also free. With the smart, colorful interface, the phone is fun on the iPhone or iPad.

Voice and video telephones over the Internet (WLAN and UMTS) works reliably and with good voice quality. You can also chat with your Tango contacts.

Similar to the WhatsApp Messenger, you can log in with your handy number, then you will be shown all your contacts, which also use Tango.

Advantage with Tango: Tango contacts are displayed automatically on the basis.

Facetime alternative: Google Hangouts

Google's Messenger application Google Hangouts brings together several news services, including at a glance Google+ Messenger , Google Talk, and video chat known from Google+.

Also Google Hangouts is completely free. Hangouts works on desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets. You can also use the service at home on your PC, provided you have a webcam .

The app offers many chat features and, of course, free video and voice over WLAN and UMTS.

To use the service, you need a free Google account .

Advantage with Google Hangouts: The app is not only suitable for making calls, it also provides a full-featured messenger.

Apple secures FaceTime for windows and iMessage: Now with two-factor authentication

For the most important iCloud web services, secure two-factor authentication already exists - now Apple is also enabling it for iMessage and Facetime. Users who want to protect their accounts particularly well, you need to activate on a new device, in addition to their user name and password, with an additional PIN that Apple sends on an iPhone, iPad or a Mac of the user.

Apple protects iMessage and Facetime

After the iCloud-Hack in the autumn, Apple's safety precautions were also criticized. Apple has strengthened its two-factor authentication introduced in July somewhat . But not enough: Login to the Mac applications of iMessage and Facetime on new devices was still possible via a simple password query - and thus potentially vulnerable to hacker attacks.

This security risk is now terminated by the manufacturer: from now, the two-factor authentication can also be extended to the chat and videotelephony service.

Two-factor authentication: username, password + PIN

If you have activated the feature, you must enter a PIN in addition to your user name and password when you want to set up the services on a new device. This PIN generates Apple and sends it to a user-defined device. This allows criminals who have captured the user's log data to log in to the corresponding Apple services.

Is FaceTime free?

FaceTime for windows is a video calling app, which is basically free. However, you can only use the tool on Apple smartphones, tablets, and computers. You do not have to download anything: On all Apple devices, the app is preinstalled. In the following, we will show you whether and which costs can be incurred.

Take advantage of FaceTime, which is basically free. However, you must always have an active Internet connection - be it via WLAN or the mobile data

If you have no flat rate for mobile data and exceed your data limit, you may incur costs. For this reason, it is best to ask your provider which contract you have. Here, you should be cautious especially abroad.

On iPhone, you may incur costs when you enable FaceTime. Before you can use the app for the first time, an SMS is sent to a UK number to test the connection to the server. Please check with your network operator about the cost of sending an SMS abroad.

Collective accused Apple of targeted FaceTime sabotage

To save costs as well as a patent complaint, Apple had changed the FaceTime For PC technology with iOS 7 and the video telephone service subsequently in iOS 6 "deliberately broken", so the accusation. IPhone users were forced to update.

A US American has sued Apple for damages because the video calling service FaceTime since April 2014 suddenly no longer works under iOS 6 on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. In order to save money and circumvent a running patent, Apple switched the FaceTime connection technology with iOS 7 and at the same time a "plan" to force several million users to update, "the applicant states . To achieve this, the company FaceTime in the older iOS version "intentionally broken".

IOS 7 update problematic for older iPhones

Apple had at the same time however knew that the change to iOS 7 for owners of an iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s is "highly problematic", because the update can lead among other things to "slowness and crash" and thus the functionality of the devices thereby Further allegation of the action.

The applicant refers inter alia to internal e-mails and communication between Apple employees, who apparently became known within the framework of the long-term patent dispute between the iPhone manufacturer and VirnetX. FaceTime originally had two connection techniques, as the application: a peer-to-peer connection between the caller and the called as well as a "relay" method, which is connected via a server - the latter, however, for additional costs with Apple provided .

After a jury had found Apple guilty of infringing VirnetX patents, the company had switched off the peer-to-peer connection method. The FaceTime conversations now only made via Relay servers would have resulted in a monthly cost of several million dollars. To prevent this, the company has introduced a new peer-to-peer connectivity technology with iOS 7 - and some months after the release of the update, "FaceTime" in iOS 6 "destroyed" to force all users to update, writes the applicant .

FaceTime connections only after system update

On April 16, 2014 , Apple stated that an error from an expired certificate could lead to no more face-to-face calls . In order to use the integrated VoIP service again, an update was due. Users who had consciously stayed on iOS 6 had to upgrade to iOS 7 when their device supports it - just like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. IOS 6.1.6 released Apple exclusively for the iPhone 3GS as well as the iPod touch of the fourth generation, the iOS 7 could no longer install.

As a collective suit, the new legal procedure is to cover all US owners of an iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. Apple's patent dispute with VirnetX for more than six years has not yet been finalized, most recently, an Apple court sentenced to the payment of a good 300 million dollars to the patent verifier .

IOS 11: speculation about FaceTime for PC group telephones

According to a report, up to five subscribers can use iOS 11 to communicate with FaceTime via a common videotelephone.

Apple is supposed to support FaceTime group phones in iOS 11. This is reported by the Israeli side The Verifier , citing several people familiar with the iOS development. A part of the work on the new function takes place in Israel - Apple runs several research and development centers there. According to the report, group telephones with up to five participants are to be supported. The connection could take place from an iMessage group conversation.

Perhaps the introduction not yet taken place with the release of iOS 11, but only at a later date noted The Verifier to. The latest iOS version, Apple usually presents in June at the Entwckler conference WWDC, it is then released in September.

Further rumors and details about further functional changes in iOS 11 are not available so far. Currently, Apple is testing iOS 10.2.1 and is apparently planning to release a beta of iOS 10.3 soon.

Facetime predecessor iChat with group function

Unlike other VoIP and video telephony services, FaceTime offers only talks between two participants or devices. With iChat, Apple already provided a video calling service that supported multi-stationed entertainment and was integrated into OS X - but never made the leap to the iPhone and iPad, but was replaced by FaceTime and iMessage. Unlike iChat, FaceTime has been using end-to-end encryption since its introduction in 2010.

FaceTime at the wheel: lawsuit against Apple after fatal Autofail

A US family has sued Apple for "gross negligence" for damages: The iPhone manufacturer, FaceTime does not block traffic in traffic, so the accusation - although the company has already protected the technology.

A US car family involved in a heavy car accident sees Apple as complicit and has now been brought against the group in court : The iPhone manufacturer had failed to automatically suppress the use of the video phone service facetime for pc in the vehicle - although Apple already patent for a corresponding Technology . Also, the FaceTime app does not warn the user before using it in road traffic. These omissions constitute "gross negligence" and constitute a "substantial factor" for the applicants' injuries and the death of a relative.

Rear-end collision at FaceTime-Videotelefonat

At the end of 2014, the accident victim had hit the family's car at high speed. He had been distracted by a FaceTime videotelefonte, as he explained to the police, who found the open app on the iPhone in the vehicle. In the accident several members of the family were seriously injured, the five-year-old daughter was killed.

Apple had refrained from implementing the more secure technology described in the patent, thus preventing the use of FaceTime in the vehicle, even though the company was aware of the risk, the plaintiffs argue. The iPhone sold by Apple is therefore "defective" from the factory.

Apple's patent for a software lock in the car

The Apple patent, filed in 2008 and issued in 2014, describes a software lock to prevent accidents caused by distraction at the wheel, including by writing text messages. The technology should automatically shut down certain iPhone functions when the movement is detected in a car. An additional image verification of the environment ensures that this is only valid for the driver, Apple states in the patent, riders can still send messages.

IOS 10: Thanks to Siri and FaceTime, unauthorized people are coming to your photos

Apple's voice assistant Siri allows access to contacts and photos in the iOS 10 despite blocking screen.

W he wants to lock their iPhone using lock against unauthorized access, should not weigh in too great a certainty. The Apple video calling service FaceTime and Siri, the language assistant for iPhone and iPad, are responsible for this. We have tried and found that in certain circumstances, it is actually possible to access personal contacts and photos in the lock screen.

This is how the Siri trick works

To access the contacts and photos, the bug uses two different functions: FaceTime and Siri. The intruders need a second iPhone and the number of the Apple device to be chopped. Then call them with the Videotelefonie App FaceTime. Then the intruders enter the address book contacts with a few tricks via the iMessage message function and see all stored photos.

How can I protect my Apple device?

In order to access contacts and photos from your iPhone, you need to have several prerequisites. The number of your mobile phone must be known and the facetime for pc as well as Siri in the blocking screen must be activated. In the test, an update to the latest iOS version helped: On an iPhone 6 with not yet updated iOS 10.0.2, we could actually crack the blocking screen with the trick mentioned and get access to all photos and contacts. In the current software version (iOS 10.1), however, the bug did not occur in the test, as did the Beta iOS version 10.2 (Beta 3, 14C5077b). However, contradictory reports are circulated. As a YouTube video demonstrates, The vulnerability seems to exist under certain circumstances even under the current beta version of iOS 10.2. If you want to make sure, you should disable siri in the lock screen.

Not the first time

However, it is not the first time that Siri has made a dash to the security needs of its users. Already in previous iOS versions, it was possible with the language assistant for strangers to get access to private areas of the iPhones. So it was already at the start of iOS 5 it possible to open the address book or to display unread e-mails or SMS, as well as send messages and (pay) calls. Apple also had to improve on iOS 7, as well as on iOS 8.

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