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When it comes to social media the first name which comes into our thought is Facebook. Facebook has 2.8 Billon per month users on its platform and almost 2.2 Billon people use Facebook and its other platforms like Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp daily. Everyone wants to make friends and followers on social media so that they can share their thoughts with them by uploading a post or story. If you are also want to start your journey with Facebook, we will guide you about how you do your Facebook login. "covid-19"

More about Facebook and Facebook Login:

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in Feb 2004 with his college friends Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes to connect the people throughout the world and help them communicating and in the cheapest way. Since starting Facebook was getting the attention of people because of its loving interface. A new user who comes on Facebook, get addicted to posting new content, making friends, and reacting on the wall of others. So due to these loving features, Facebook keeps growing with time and now it has billions of families worldwide. So we can say to Facebook that it is the king of all Social Media platforms.

Some important Facebook features:

As Facebook offers to make your own social on a digital platform, it helps you with its unique features such as the wall, newsfeed, timeline, reaction, comments and likes, messenger, group, and business pages, Facebook watch, stories, events, donations and many more. So if you looking to start with Facebook then you need to worry about it just follow this article, we are going to tell you everything about how to create a Facebook account and how to do a facebook login sign.

Steps to create a Facebook account:

To create a Facebook you will some details such as Name, Mobile Number, Email Id Date of Birth, etc. Facebook is strict to fraud id or invalid name and identity, so don’t include special characters in the name box, we recommend you to set a strong password by using some special character in your password. So with no further delay let’s learn how we can create a Facebook account.

  1. Download the Facebook app first on your mobile, and follow this link: Facebook - Apps on Google Play

  2. Or go to the web browser in your computer, and follow this link: Facebook – log in or sign up

  3. Open the link or Application

  4. Fill in your name, Mobile or Email Id

  5. Choose a password, and then fill in your birth details

  6. Fill in your gender information and then click on sign up

  7. Now verify your email or mobile number, request to send OTP to your number or email.

  8. Fill in your OTP to verify that it belongs to you

Once you complete these steps your Facebook account will be created successfully now you start customizing your profile by just log in to facebook. Let’s go to the next step in which you will have to go to facebook login page. "covid-19"

How to login facebook?

Facebook login is easy and simple, once after creating the Facebook account you just need your username (Mo Number or Email Id) and Password which you have created during account creation. Just follow the steps we will tell you how to do facebook com login on all types of devices such as Windows, Android, and IOS viz.

Steps to Facebook login in Mobile Application:

  1. Go to the app store and download the Facebook app after that install

  2. Open your Facebook mobile app

  3. Fill in your email or Mobile number in the user name box

  4. Enter your password and click on login

  5. Your facebook login signin will be completed successfully

Now you can use all features of Facebook like facebook business and messenger services by doing facebook business manager login and facebook messenger login respectively. Facebook also helps your business to grow by connecting people to your business page and you can communicate with the help of messenger facebook.com.

How to Reset Your Facebook login Password?

Many of us use various social media account or handle other platforms id’s so it is a difficult task to keep remembered our password all the time "Settings & Privacy ". If you have also forgotten your Facebook login password, let’s see how we can fix that developers.facebook.com. "Nextend Facebook connect"

Steps to fix your Facebook password forgotten issue:

  1. Go to facebook login page

  2. Click on forgot password option

  3. Enter user name details, then search

  4. Facebook will ask to send OTP to your Mobile number or Email

  5. Enter the OTP and generate a new password


Using Facebook feel connected with people, explore your interest on Facebook, and make friends and a social list similar to your profession or interest. Go through the article you will learn everything about how to do a Facebook login. To learn more go to the official website of Facebook. Facebook has 2.2 Billion active users per day and this is increasing day by day, start your journey on Facebook by creating an account and Facebook login. "WordPress Social Login"