Dr Fabrice Onofri is Research Director at a the National Centre of Scientific Research (CNRS).
UMR 7343 CNRS/Aix-Marseille UniversityMarseille, France

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Softwares & codes repository site

Softwares & codes Repository site

Generally speaking, I'm working on direct and inverse light-scattering problems on the optical & electromagnetic properties and characterization of nano- and micro-particles encountered in various fields (e.g. aerosol, suspensions, multiphase flows, dusty & fusion plasmas...)

Over the years, I have developed various scientific software (windows) and codes (Fortran, Delphi, Matlab) that may be interesting to others... and that can be downloaded here. Most of them are provided without a detailed notice but their capabilities have been described in various publications.

In the long term the contents of this site will cover the following items:

Generation of fractal- and Buckyball-like aggregates, model for the response of Phase Doppler interferometry (PDA-PDI: spherical and cylindrical, coated, multilayered or irregular particles), Holography, Diffraction at Fraunhofer, rainbow or critic angles, Debye, Lorenz-Mie and Generalized Lorenz-Mie theories, Geometrical, physical and Monte Carlo approximations, instability of capillary and viscous jets, droplet evaporation models...