Academic Research

Peer reviewed publication published in the European Economic Review, January 27, 2022.

Canetg Kaufmann Overnight Rate and Signalling Effects of Central Bank Bills, 20220127 accepted.pdf

Peer reviewed publication (published in the Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics), June 29, 2021.

Fabio Canetg Strategic Deviations in Optimal Monetary Policy SJES.pdf

Working paper, March 8, 2020; the paper is available as a Department of Economics, University of Bern Discussion Paper. The latest version is available below.

Canetg Monetary Policy Implementation and Pass-Through.pdf

PhD Thesis, February 2020.

Fabio Canetg PhD Thesis (2020).pdf

Policy Research

Fabio Canetg Notiz Krankenkassenprämien und Kaufkraft (update 20231002).pdf
Fabio Canetg Notiz Krankenkassenprämien Präsentation (20231003).pdf
Fabio Canetg Notiz SNB-Währungsreserven (updated 20210611).pdf

Other Publications


Volkswirtschaftslehre (Brunetti, 2015) - VWL plus: Unkonventionelle Geldpolitik (Link, Lösungen)
Volkswirtschaftslehre (Brunetti, 2015) - VWL plus: Wechselkursregime (Link)
Volkswirtschaftslehre (Brunetti, 2015) - VWL plus: Nachfragekurve: Nutzen und Budget (Link)
Volkswirtschaftslehre (Brunetti, 2015) - VWL plus: Der keynesianische Multiplikator (Link)
Volkswirtschaftslehre (Brunetti, 2015) - VWL plus: Die Zahlungsbilanz (Link)

Année Politique Suisse

The Année Politique Suisse (APS) is part of the Institute of Political Science at the University of Bern. During my time as an editor for APS, I published three bookchapters about the Swiss National Bank, banks, financial regulations, and international financial institutions.

Année Politique Suisse 2014 (Geld, Währung und Kredit) (partly available online here)
Année Politique Suisse 2013 (Geld, Währung und Kredit) (partly available online here)
Année Politique Suisse 2012 (Geld, Währung und Kredit) (partly available online here)