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[05.06.2019] Newspaper article published: Was die Nationalbank von dieser Ökonomin lernen könnte. The article argues on the basis of Emi Nakamura's research that a higher inflation target would not be as costly as the Swiss government and the Swiss National Bank claim.

[04.06.2019] Newspaper article published: Nationalbank: Wir müssen reden. The text discusses the necessity of a montary policy review in Switzerland and the Swiss National Bank's reluctance to initiate such a process.

[29.05.2019] Presenting at the University of Bern: Monetary Policy In a New Era. My teaching project aims at fostering the understanding of unconventional monetary policy measures, monetary policy normalization ("exit strategies"), and alternative monetary policy frameworks.

[14.05.2019] New working paper online: Shocking Interest Rate Floors (joint work with Daniel Kaufmann). Download the paper here and check out my Twitter feed for a summary of the main findings.

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My research topics are monetary economics and macroeconomic theory. For, I write articles about the Swiss National Bank (SNB). Please feel free to contact me on

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