Fabienne Cuter

Fabienne Cuter is continually looking for new ways of expression. Her scientific background has allowed her to experiment, develop and perfect proprietary techniques and processes of creation. In the “Metallic Poem” series, she has transcended small objects that you would not even notice. Multiple metallic components either engineered pieces from planes or computers, or simple small everyday items have metamorphosed into an intriguing abstract floating image emerging from the depth of the stainless steel.

Fabienne Cuter’s artworks and commissioned installations are present in private and corporate collections in Europe countries, Japan and the United States.

Fabienne Cuter creates images of technological objects that seem to come from another age. Manually altered and printed on stainless steel, these images have the retro style of original daguerreotypes.

Computers parts and electronic components become memories of a bygone era. Her work is a reflection on short-lived modernity and on the role of photography to reveal the poetry of aging.

The French Art Studio, London

"The work of Fabienne Cuter reflects her own questioning of our consciousness of this elapsing present.

Her Metallic Poems express with poetry, on stainless steel, the trace of this so fragile present, which is also a part of eternity.

She has explored a variety of materials to create a new and amazing vision, which drives us to a new space, a new time, and arouse our sensitivity."

Artemisia Gallery, NYC

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