Fabien Candau

Sustainable Development, Urban Economics and International Trade

I am a professor of economics at the Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour (UPPA) and the co-director of the Center for the Analysis of Trade and Economic Transition (CATT).

I study the impact of globalization on the location choice of individuals and firms, on public policies and on welfare and I am also specialized in urban economics.

Mes enseignements (Microéconomie, Macroéconomie, Economie Internationale, Economie Urbaine et Régionale) sont disponibles ici.

Curriculum Vitae

Environmental Economics

"Pollution Haven and Corruption Paradise" with E Dienesch, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Volume 85, 2017, pp 171-192. In brief: we test and confirm the "pollution haven hypothesis" for European firms: environmental norms foster relocation of European affiliates in countries with intermediate level of bad governance and good market access to the EU.

International Development Economics

  • Market Access for Developing Countries with Y. Decreux, L. Fontagné, S. Jean, D. Laborde, T. Mayer, S. Zignago, 2004. Expertise commissioned by the European Consortium for the Trade policy Analysis (ECTA) , DG Trade, European Commission.

The European Union

  • Taming Tax Competition with a European Corporate Income Tax with Jacques Le Cacheux, Revue d'économie politique, 2018/4 (Vol. 128), pages 575 à 611. (HCERES A). In brief: This article proposes an original review of the literature on tax competition, and provides new evidence concerning different types of footloose capital: the intensity of strategic interactions is three time stronger for financial assets than for less mobile capital. [Some elements of this article were discussed by Jacques Le Cacheux in different interviews at Democracy, Challenges and La Croix (in French) and presented at the European Parliament].

  • Study on the potential and limitations of reforming the financing of the EU budget with Jorge Núñez Ferrer, Jacques Le Cacheux, Giacomo Benedetto, Mathieu Saunier, Claude Emonnot, Florence Lachet-Touya, Jorgen Mortensen, Aymeric Potteau, Igor Taranic. Expertise commissioned by the European Commission on behalf of the High Level Group on Own Resources. Available on the website of the European Commission.

  • Evaluation des effets économiques des fonds structurels européens with S. Dall’erba, J. Le Cacheux, J. Le Gallo, 2003. Contrat avec la Région Aquitaine.

Urban and Regional Economics

This paper has received the Martin Beckmann Prize 2009 for the best paper in Papers in Regional Science for 2008.