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August Bible Study & Sermon Series

August represents a Fresh Start for Teens and College Students as they head back to school, so messages this month will focus on beginning with God to ensure success.

college & young professionals

Beginning in August College Students and Young Professionals will be studying the prophets. God used called men of God as prophets to help lead His people to accomplish His will.

You'll learn more about the ministry of college & young professionals by coming to our bible study on Wednesday nights in room 105, which is the hub for the ministry. Contact Ariel Lloyd 504-722-5228 for more info.

412 student, College, & Young professionals

ministry exist to share Jesus with people, so they'll GO IN relationship with Him and His church, GROW in His word, GIVE of their gifts, GLORIFY His name, and GO OUT to share Jesus.

Pastor Will Lloyd, IV

Franklin Avenue Baptist Church

504-488-8488 Ext. 139

Cell 504-377-2880

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