Wom.an En.tre.pre.neur /woomən äntrəprəˈnər/
An entrepreneur (male or female) whose business ventures intentionally empower women
synonyms: a boss

Business Ventures

Educational technology platform, giving African women skills that actually pay the bills

Media company connecting African millennials globally, through curated content and events

Travel experience promoting female empowerment, through cross-cultural exchange and mentorship

Hi! I'm Temi

I invest in products, services, and ecosystems that help women thrive. Whether through media, technology or tourism, my focus is on creating sustainable growth for women-focused initiatives, especially in Africa.

My passion for female empowerment was ignited by attending an all women’s university in the U.S. - the kind of institution that has graduated feminist icons like Hillary Clinton, Katharine Hepburn, and Gloria Steinem. More than that, it comes from growing up with my very own feminist icon: my grandmother, who graduated with honors from the University of St Andrew’s, Scotland in the 1950’s, before going on to earn a Masters. My grandma's pioneering career would lead her to become the first Nigerian woman to serve as a permanent delegate at UNESCO in Paris, as well as, the first woman to reach the highest level at the Ministry of Education. She essentially built the Nigerian educational system that is followed today, while raising six children. When Nigeria celebrated 100 years as nation-state, they honored 100 women who made history. She was one of them.

In my family, I have proof of what it means when they say: “when you educate a girl, you educate a nation.”

It is for this reason, among others, that I feel uniquely qualified to embark on the fairly uncharted path of woman entrepreneur: (s)he who enables a female-driven economy. I believe there is so much space for disruption with products and services that meet the needs - and ambitions - of women, especially those on the African continent.

If we say Africa is the future, it would only make sense to invest in it.

If we say the future is female, it must be because the past has not been.

And that would mean some of the world’s most unrealized potential lies in the hearts and minds of African women. My job’s to help unleash it.

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Fun fact: I have traveled to 21 countries worldwide and lived in 6. I've challenged myself to visit 30 by 30.

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