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Blue Moon of Ake

The Audio Book

Romance, Action, Suspense, and Magic.

Narrated & Created


Dala Dala

Dala Dala, a creative writer of high fantasy and thriller.

Making & Editing

Although I have some experience writing and recording music this was my first audio book. It seemed to be more challenging for me at first than making music.

I love music and I could write songs all day if I could. I also enjoy writing stories and making this audio book allowed me to use both of my passions together to bring something to life.

The making of Blue Moon of Ake audio book was a exciting learning process for me. I wasn't even sure I would actually do a audio book, but after hearing from others that it would be a good idea, I started to take it serious and jumped right into it.

It actually only took me a whole week to record the whole story. It was the editing and sounds that took the longest to master.

Between using Native Machine, Audacity and iZotope I was able to get the album to sound right. I'm happy with the outcome after making a lot of adjustments and believe the next audio books will be a breeze.

*Stay tuned for audio and video clips and the release date!

Making Blue Moon
Editing Blue Moon

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A bitter Immortal Goddess


Jinabadi's pet feline

Main General

Jinabadi's main general in charge over her insane soldiers.

King Tye

The player from the south, ruling over one of the biggest armies in Ake.


King Tye's right hand man.


A dark mysterious man with a story to tell.