Nothing But Magic Here!


is where all the magic is witnessed. It is where a creative writer by the name of Shelli Wilbon brings to life all of her new worlds that she has created.

Ms. Wilbon is a creative writer expressing her vivid imagination and her passion for fantasy through visual arts and writing.

Eye Create Stories will engage readers and viewers with high fantasy stories, ranging from sci-fi, thriller and some comedy.

What ECStories brings to the public is different with a unique vibe in storytelling.

Eye Create Stories taps into the urban culture in a way that inspires others through fantasy.

"There’s a lack of stories portraying the African Americans (Blacks) in powerful and uplifting ways.

Majority of the stories that are available tell similar stories of the same situations that I believe keep black America stagnant and mentally trapped. Stories of drugs, sex, violence, gang relations, or slavery stories.

What ECStories does and will do is offer ones the ability to hear new stories they can relate to, with a touch of realness but in amazing creative realms" - Shelli

ECSstories will inspire, uplift and entertain the public.

*ECS offers eBooks, audio-books, graphic novels and in the future- film.


Blue Moon of Ake | Audio Book

High fantasy thriller narrated by Shelli Wilbon. This audio-book will bring the story to life even more with cool sound effects and music. It will also include the soundtracks for those who enjoy listening to the music.

Blue Moon of Ake | Graphic Novel

*In Production

High fantasy graphic novel for the comic heads who love graphics. This graphic novel will be explicit and raw bringing to life the Queens madness. It will also come in digital format, with audio.

Light of Or’dre Crystal | Audio Book

*In Production

Sci-fi fantasy series with lots of action and adventure.

Crystal will change the game when she steps into her true powers on her new planet. She will lay the foundation, and lead the way, her way when it comes to dealing with evil.

A single mother will exchange one life for another when she enters a new world/dimension. What was is irrelevant to her true purpose as this mother defines the cosmic laws that connect us. However not all will be easy because unforeseen forces are trying to manipulate the flow of divine purpose to control all life beings.

Ms. Crystal from a ghetto on earth into a intergalactic warfare will demonstrate the meaning of a real warrior for us all.

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