Extra Rise

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Who Are We?

Having a diverse pool of athletic interests, we formed a team to create and lead a community of healthy, active, fit, and motivated millennials who will dare to rise above the rest.
Extra Rise offers informational content on fitness and healthy living and provides personalized full-service coaching that includes nutrition and workout plan for the Filipino millennial. We have a holistic approach with physical development at the core, which then spans towards personal growth. Our online coaching platform caters to clients from all over the globe. We also hold in-person coaching programs in the Philippines, where we are based. Our role is to push you to take that extra step and mark your own success story, and, eventually, be an inspiration to what we call #ExtraRiseStories.

Why Extra Rise?

Extra Rise is a word play on a beloved Filipino concept (extra rice). A letter change turns it into the two-word mantra: Extra Rise—serving as an inspiration to go for that added push—all in pursuit of one's higher goals. We aim to inspire individuals to commit to a lifestyle change, to let go of the extra rice, and take the extra rise instead.
Every morning we wake up, we decide on what food to eat, which exercises to do, and the mindset to harness throughout the day. From these, we ultimately shape our life whether it becomes a success or a failure. Each one of us has a fitness story to tell, an effort or the lack thereof we make each day for a certain purpose. What do you rise for?

Our Success Recipe

Founding Team

Josh Doman


US Army Veteran & Squad LeaderHerbalife Distributor
Bodybuilding, Martial Arts, Calisthenics

Enzo Bonoan


2019 Gold's Gym Mr. BodyCon WinnerHerbalife Platinum Distributor
Bodybuilding, Frisbee

Julia Sucgang


Ateneo Track Varsity VeteranHerbalife Platinum Distributor
Track, Football, Frisbee

Russel Tee


2018 Slimmer's World Mr. Great Skin Winner Herbalife Distributor
Bodybuilding, Track

Transformation Stories

Client Testimonials

I joined this family last year, and with all the experiences I've had from them, I can say that this club will not just teach you how to take care of your health, but also to believe in yourself. The values I've learned from our coaches helped us a lot to achieve our goals and even surpassing our weaknesses. The everyday shakes that they are providing us, together with the aloe and Tea are all good. I love this family! Jose Feliciano

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