EXTENDED PLAY is a fanzine about retro, indie and niche games! It is free, but it needs your Patreon support!

  • RETRO: Classic arcade games, 8-bit microcomputer games, old console games and the like!
  • INDIE: New games made by small publishers, and a few unorthodox experiments by larger guys!
  • NICHE: The edges of the hobby, things of interest to small audiences--or people looking to expand their horizons!

Our second issue is out! Read, share, enjoy, and let us know what you think! We really worked hard to nail that old enthusiast's magazine look.

In the future (depending on how successful we are) we would like to accept submissions & pay contributors. Please stay tuned if you are interested!

Extended Play's planned schedule is to be published via PDF four times a year. Each issue has over 30 ad-free, full color pages. If you like these issues, please consider contributing to our Patreon.

All Patreon contributors will get early access to the next issue and will be able to suggest ideas for articles. You can also buy print copies, whether a patron or not: Extended Play is colorful and full of fun images, and should be perfect for adorning coffee tables of many sizes.


  • Volume 1, Issue 1 - 32 pages. Details of the Gradius dynamic difficulty system, the classic-yet-forgotten arcade game Dorodon, reviews of Gotta Protectors!, Pocket Card Jockey, Snakebird and Twilight Struggle, an interview with Dr. Thomas Biskup (creator of ADOM), information on some interesting chess variants, and a gaming crossword puzzle! Also snarky takes on press releases and game screenshots! Physical copies can be purchased through MagCloud.
  • Volume 1, Issue 2 - 46 pages. Bubble Bubble secrets and strategy guide to reaching the first Secret Round, Mr. Do! how-to-play and strategies, reviews of Handsome Mr. Toad, Tumbleseed, Nuclear Throne and Quarries of Scred, an interview with Josh Ge (creator of Cogmind), more press release snark and screenshots and another crossword puzzle! Physical copies forthcoming. Physical copies available from Magcloud. (I don't know how they'll turn out yet, please buy at own risk.)

Issue 2: