March 5th-7th, 2021

Exquisite Women Empowerment Day

An Annual Virtual Event Presented by Exquisite Enterprises Inc.

The Exquisite Women Empowerment Day is a day celebration for women of all backgrounds to engage in empowering dialogue & activities centered around 3 central topics.

Female Small Business Vendor Fair

Female Leaders Speakers Roundtable

Exquisite Ladies Happy Hour

Ever year, we pick 3 central themes that effect us, allow us to share opportunities for professional and personal advancement, support one another wholeheartedly, and elevate our individual dispositions.

Our 2021 Themes

Sex & Health for Women

Female Entrepreneurship

Setting & Achieving Goals

Thank you for another fabulous year Charleston! See you in 2022!

This event is broadcasted on our website & is 100% VIRTUAL. Connect with brilliant women & leaders around the region.

Watch the Virtual Vendor Show!

Thank you to all of our vendors and guests for attending and participating! This show was nothing short of amazing! Please shop and support our vendors below, and see what you missed here!

Watch the Female Leaders Roundtable!

Thank you to all of our speakers and guests for attending and participating in this year's Roundtable discussion. Being amongst these incredible women was outstanding, and so much empowering information was shared. Please support these ladies, and see what you missed here!

Watch the Virtual Happy Hour!

The ladies of So What Own It podcast came, saw, and conquered the Virtual Happy Hour as our hosts for this amazing finale event this year! Thank you so much to all of our guests, and everyone that participated in making this entire weekend amazing!