South Orange Arts Advisory Council

2018-19 Exhibitions and Programming Sub-Committee

Purpose of this committee

This newly formed (sub) committee will play a crucial role in mapping out arts programming for the township during the upcoming Baird Center/Pierro Gallery building renovations. There will be a special emphasis on public art and community-driven arts initiatives and partnerships. We are looking for anyone with a commitment to amplifying the arts in and around South Orange.

Contact the ExPro Sub Committee

Theresa Burns

About the South Orange Arts Advisory Council:

The South Orange Arts Advisory Council advises the Board of Trustees and serves as a liaison to the community. Its mission is to foster local creativity and artistic excellence that enriches the quality of life for residents, businesses, and visitors to South Orange. Recognizing that the arts community is fundamental to South Orange's municipal identity, The Arts Advisory Council promotes the Village as a home to artists and a cultural destination for the region. The Council's role includes:

  • Serving as a point of contact for local participation in the arts;
  • Big-picture thinking and long-term planning about the arts in South Orange;
  • Collaborating via partnerships and across communities to expand the arts profile of the greater NJ region;
  • Supporting municipal projects and citizen initiatives.

South Orange Arts Advisory Council

  • Steve Schnall- Trustee
  • Karen Hilton- Trustee Alternate
  • Sandy Martiny- Director of Cultural Affairs/Director of the Pierro Gallery
  • Sally Unsworth- Chair
  • Sarah Barack-Vice Chair
  • Jason Rulnick- Secretary
  • Jeanette Brummell
  • Greg Leshe
  • Jennifer Crohn
  • Cat Tate Starmer
  • Petra Chu-Alternate
  • Sybil Archibald-Alternate