August 2019 Expressions Show

July 24th General opening Wed-Sat Noon-6 pm - Ends Aug 3rd

Aug 2nd First Friday Gallery Walk 6-9 pm (Celebration Evening)

200 Mathews Fort Collins, CO 80524

Artist bio: Christine M. Torrez

Inspired by and connected to the subtle strength of light and color found in the natural world around us, with a strong background in drawing, Christine M.Torrez strives to exhibit a delicate balance of blazing hue, shifting light, and dynamic movement with a direct emphasis on mood.

"In my artwork, my priority is to capture a mood, or an emotion, a glimpse of beauty in a fleeting moment in time for each viewer to experience for themselves." Christine proclaims, "My subject matter may vary, but the message is always there."

In her recent works, Christine shares these aforementioned qualities with her viewers, exploring possibilities in abstract form and structure, encompassing texture with design.

Artist bio: Jennifer Spencer

Artist, Thinker, Inventor

"I create modern oil paintings that enliven the homes of interesting people & hearten contemporary commercial spaces. Originals & prints are available for sale & licensing."

Artist bio: Patty Hughes

"I am a self taught artist who has been drawing and painting for about 20 years. I have attended many workshops by outstanding instructors, and I have won awards for my work over the years. I work mostly in watercolor, acrylic, collage and mixed media and enjoy creating abstract and non-objective pieces. Since I started painting late in life, I was not sure of my purpose, but felt the strong pull to discover what I was meant to create.

Artist bio: Steve Germaine

"I make art because I have a desire to create something that when viewed elicits an emotional response, a hope of contributing a little something beautiful now and then, and to be a supply-side participant in the transformative power of art. "

" Themes in my work include minimalist, elemental forms that emphasize the natural organic beauty of wood, forms that harken to primitive tool using cultures, and forms that mate dissimilar woods and strive for visual harmony. In each of these themes, my goal is to celebrate humanness, our heritage, and diversity."

Margueritte Meier

Artist bio:

“I love to work in a variety of mediums: watercolor, egg tempera, oils and beeswax. Currently I’m exploring the beauty, power and the mystery within Nature through the contemporary realism genre. I strive to capture the magical still point between realism and the ethereal worlds by blending my memories, dreams and observational studies.”

Andrea Gabel

Artist's Statement, Bio, 2019

All of me is put into my art. I've been an artist since childhood. Got a Bachelor's of Fine Arts from Colorado State University with a concentration in graphic design. The past 16 years I've been painting out doors en plein air and taking classes from talented and generous instructors.

It's soul satisfying to be outdoors in the landscape. To focus on the beauty around me and try to communicate this with my marks in a painting. I finish a piece in only a few hours. Energy is focused. The scene has a life of it's own. And I feel at peace and rejuvenated.

Artist bio: Kay Dudek

Kay has been exploring fiber, textiles, and art throughout her life. A few years ago, however, she discovered felting as an art form. The medium and techniques struck a chord, and felting became a passion. As a medium, fiber is tactile, versatile, and often surprising. Kay uses it to create soft pottery and sculpture, much like clay. She also blends dyed fiber to produce shades and tones for felt “paintings”.

Much of her inspiration comes from the natural world and draws from her training and work in science. At other times, however, inspiration emanates from a darker place that reflects her reactions to unexpected and frustrating turns her life has taken.The creative process and the physical nature of felting provide an outlet for expressing emotions that are difficult to convey.

Victoria Lisi

Artist Statement

Ordinary life is full of magical visual moments: the way the sun filters through a petal or glints off a leaf. Usually we are too preoccupied to notice, but painting is one way to slow down and really see the roses. I use both photography and sketching from life and then try to recreate one of those experiences in my studio with watercolors. Of course it is my interpretation, but hopefully some whisper of the original magic I felt comes through.

Artist bio: Laura

“I'm especially interested in areas of rapid transition and how we, as humans, are adding or detracting from the natural beauty around us. Making art is my way of slowing down and purposefully appreciating a particular bird, mountain or tree that I otherwise might've overlooked. By painting, I hope to share this appreciation with others.” .

Young Web site

Artist bio: Steve Grey-Wilson

Art is a constant exploration and sharing of ideas. A creative activity which is not always instantaneous but with consistent application, is reachable by all.

Steve has been through a number of phases with his Art using different materials. Pastels are currently his favorite, as they are vibrant , quick and expressive.

You may have noticed he likes to paint big. He is not 100% sure why other than its fun!

This year Steve is currently working different ideas.

Last years creation was 3 large (8ft x 4ft) illustrations using Pastels. Based on biking in Colorado - One is hanging in Drake Cycles in Fort Collins