Effect of background suppression on motion artifacts

Effect of background suppression on motion artifacts 2D EPI with lot of motion will cause blurring and subtraction artifacts (motion between control and label), noticeable by the pseudo-perfusion high intensity rim. The subtraction artifacts are gone with background suppression, the blurring remains.

Subject with not a lot of motion (average 0.2 mm/frame, no motion spikes), still notice the high intensity rim from “pseudo-perfusion” (i.e. motion between control and label), without background suppression (3T 2D EPI).

Subject with more motion (0.5 mm/frame average motion, 27% of data excluded for motion spikes). Also 3T 2D EPI without background suppression

In case we do have background suppression (3T 2D EPI): we observe much less pseudo-perfusion high intensity rim artifacts : ( 0.2 mm average motion, 40% excluded motion spikes)

0.5 mm average motion, 26% exclusion motion spikes. Although we observe some motion (as in blurring), we don’t observe the pseudo-perfusion high intensity rim due to the presence of background suppression (again 3T 2D EPI).