Explainable AI in Automated Driving Workshop

Workshop on Explainable AI in Automated Driving: a User-Centered Interaction Approach

Welcome to the Workshop on Explainable AI in Automated Driving: a User-Centered Interaction Approach ! This workshop will be part of the Automotive UI conference 2019 (Utrecht, Netherlands).

We believe it is important to investigate the field of Explainable AI (XAI) in the context of automated driving since interpretability and transparency are key factors for increasing trust and security. In particular, we aim at gathering researchers and industry practitioners from different fields in order to brainstorm about XAI focusing on the perspective of human interaction since it has not been sufficiently studied in existing explainable approaches. Questions like “what kind of explanation do we need”, “which is the best trade-off between performance and explainability we want to achieve” and “how granular should the explanations be” will be addressed in this workshop.

Discussion will be focus on:

  • Identification of important information that might (or should) be provided respectively to drivers and pedestrians, in particular referring to the different levels of situation-awareness related to agent transparency
  • Explore and design with participants UI solutions using various interaction modalities in order to convey information defined above

If you are interested in participating in the workshop, we are looking for contributions on XAIs in the field of autonomous driving. For more information, go to the page Call for papers.


Introductory session

Short papers presentation


Presentation of driving scenarios



Creativity session

Presentations and discussion

Closing session

15 min

45 min

5 min

5 min

50 min

15 min

60 min

30 min

15 min