portable displays

The Benefits of No Hassle Promotional Materials

Marketing is the most important aspect of expanding a customer base. Simply relying on the internet won't take a company far since it focuses on a more specific audience. Businesses who want to create recognition with a larger audience need materials that can be used both indoor and outdoor at all types of events. This can include the use of Banners, large and small signs, portable displays, corflute signs, exhibition displays, and printed tablecloths. Bold colors and easy to read text also make a big difference. Finding the right provider for these materials is crucial, their expertise in the promotional field can provide clients with the proper marketing tools.

Promotional Travel Made Easy

Taking promotional materials on the road can seem like a hassle. No one wants to spend the time loading and hauling large displays, posters, or promotional furniture, especially if they don't have a spacious vehicle. Fortunately, life has been made easier for marketing representatives and salespeople through advancements in portable display technology. Unlike the heavy, obtrusive promotional items of the past, companies can now invest in portable displays that simply fold or roll up into small, easy to carry bags. Larger items can be transported in plastic tubes which hold both the collapsible display stands and the material itself. Lightweight and easy to assemble, these brightly colored large displays are definitely eye catching.

Let Your Presence Be Known

Another important aspect of marketing at a convention or exhibition is having a large promotional background. This can be accomplished through exhibition displays displays that are available as a large flat panel, three dimensional rectangle with square or rounded edges, or a curve frame. Each display is printed on fabric that is stretched over a 2300mm high frame and average around 2800mm in width. The frame is lightweight and can breakdown and it into a hard shell, wheeled storage case that doubles as a podium. These displays can also be outfitted with special lighting that highlight specific areas or just be used to create a pleasing atmosphere.

Marketing Materials For All Conditions

Outdoor advertising can be a challenge since the materials need to be able to withstand the natural elements. This is where banners and flags can make a big difference. Built to flow with the wind and endure the effects of the sun's rays as well as moisture damage, these promotional items are a very economical investment. Banners that run along solid structures are constructed from heavy duty vinyl with hemmed edges so that fraying and tearing don't occur easily. Any banners that need to be placed in the open air are constructed of a mesh fabric which permits air flow and reduces deterioration. Flags are also built in a similar manner, but utilize an anti-fade printing process on a knitted polyester fabric. Held in place by weather resistant poles that easily collapse, these flags can stand between 2100 - 4800mm in height and flow freely with the breeze.