Spend Time With The Lord!

"...For the Father seeketh such to worship him."- John 4:23

Practice This Simple Worship-Time Each Day To Develop A Daily Habit of Love Towards God

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Do You Want Victory? I Believe You Do.

Practice this simple exercise each day, if you would like to have victory in Christ. God gives us peace that surpass all understand – logic and reasoning. We must tap into the wisdom of the Lord by getting His attention on a daily basis. This exercise will help you to begin praising God. Are you ready? Click Image 'Victory In Praise Exercise' to Get Started in Your Life Today!

β€œOne thing I learned going through a storm and that is, you can Praise God in the dark! If God makes light to shine out of darkness, well bless God, I can call forth light into my situation. I am the light of God. Praising Him is not determined by day or night. In whatever state I find myself in, I will continue to acknowledge Him. Then and only then, He will direct my path.”

― Shelena Griffiths

Suggestion: Come back the Same Day and Time Each Week to Develop a Habit of Worship

Spend Time With The Lord!

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