Prescription and Dosage of Kratom

Here's a post to explain to you broadly on how you can correctly take Kratom in the right doses. You will find it very rewarding to use, and because it has many other compounds, you will need to keep trying it until you find what works best for you, especially in the amounts you take, you can start off little as you increase. So nothing should worry you, you simply need to try it out, and you'll enjoy the entire process.

"Knowledge is power". When you know the right doses to take you will save your self from a lot of problems, It's better to be informed and enjoy the benefits, rather than not knowing what to do and simply giving up. It should not be that way though, otherwise, you'll be missing out on the benefits Kratom can offer.

Prescription for Kratom

Firstly you should know that Kratom powder is not smoked but rather ingested. Below are some common ways you can consume it.

Swill around your mouth.

Known for being one of the easiest and fastest ways to consume all Kratom strains. It's unbelievably easy to do. To get started, simply measure the amount of water you need in a glass, then simply slip the powder inside your mouth, once it's inside, you can dub it around and then swallow. You may also use a teaspoon to scoop it into your mouth. The advantage here, is that you can divide it into as many amounts as you want, instead of swallowing the entire amount.

Preparing it as Tea

This is probably among the most popular methods so far. Simply boil up the powder. After dissolving it in some water for about 30 minutes or more, then just let it sit, and then you can strain off the created liquid. A number of people have attested to the results produced as being the best and are more stable, other than that it requires patience, hence takes more time to produce. You can drink this mixture whichever way you prefer, hot or cold. If you're worried about how it tastes, just know that It’s nice and chilled, really.

Use Yogurt as an Additive

You need to try this method out, it certainly has been tried out by some users. It's as simple as adding the powder to your preferred yogurt. You can choose from the many assorted flavors of yogurt, this will assist in giving the powder a better taste and make you forget about the original taste that you may not find sweet. However, take note that Kratom is best consumed before eating food, so when you mix it with yogurt, it changes everything. Feel free to try this method out though, it might be a better option for you than tasting the actual powder. This method has been highly recommended!

Mix Powder with a Protein Shake

This approach has also been proven to be effective, however, it will be like eating food as you take the powder but regardless, it's effective. A number of people claim that it works better for them when taken with a protein shake, however, there isn't scientific proof to confirm this.

Swallow in Capsule Form

I personally would not advise you to purchase Kratom pills, however, it's a quick way to get it over with, quick and easy without tasting the powder. This method has one shortcoming, you may need to swallow a number of capsules, one at ago in order to reach the required Kratom dose. This can be (10 pills or more). Be cautioned to swallow with plenty of water and then you'll be sorted, plus it's really convenient as you can take even when you're on the move.

The above-mentioned methods are certainly the most widely used for consuming Kratom, from them you can decide on which one works best for you. Next, we'll be discussing dosage.

Recommended Dosage of Kratom

Before consuming this herb or as you go through the process, it will be very helpful if you discover what works best for you as regards dosage. or what doses you take.

I recommend you take it at a slow pace starting with little amounts (2 – 3g, check out the guide below ) and only increase on the dosage if it hasn't affected after approximately 20 minutes. You need to feel these effects just a little not so rapidly. If you take so little of it, you will obviously not get any feeling and the same thing if you take too much you will lose your sense of consciousness, it will be good to remember this. In case you feel a little nauseated, this means you took way too much dosage. (10g + in one go) chances are you'll throw up.

Best Kratom hits (3 – 5 grams)

You'll find that some websites will advise you to take higher doses, I will recommend a certain source though (I will tell you which source) however you don't need anything more than this, truthfully not all Kratom is made equal so if you find the best one you'll need much less. How well receptive you are, might require a higher dose, as suggested by most Kratom reviews.