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Online curriculum and instructional consultations and curriculum/ course development.......

Do you want your clients to retain more of what you have to teach them?

Do you want to present your content in a way that benefits all types of learners?

Do you need help developing a course to guide your clients in designing a product?

Gone are the days when adult learners had time to take traditional classes. Curriculum development for the busy adult is different than the typical educational model. Not all learners approach content in the same way, and as a result some of your clients may not be able to learn content in the "traditional teaching style" we learned growing up. Help your clients get more out of your content through precise educational theory driven online curriculum development and facilitation.

Who Is Excel Academic Solutions for?

Excel Academic Solutions is for any company seeking to develop or improve their online curriculum and instructional approach, to better meet the needs of their client base using modern pedagogical education theory.

  • health coaches

  • fitness instructors

  • teacher trainings

  • academics

  • product development specialists

  • life coaches

  • specialized skills trainings

Let's Create Your Perfect Online Curriculum!

Online curriculums are so much more than content and questions. Developing and facilitating online curriculums requires an approach that enables the learners to feel like they are essential to the completion of the course. Excel Academic Solutions specializes in online curriculum development and facilitation for adult learners.

Help your clients get more out of your course experience through targeted pedagogical curriculum development and facilitation.